The company ACS GROUP provides a number of services for the automation of technological processes: the development of technical specifications, project documentation, application software, commissioning, post-warranty service.

       Specialists of our company are ready to assist in the automation of processes in various industries: metallurgy, electric power industry, machine-building, chemical, food and many other industries.

List of services provided by "ACS GROUP"

Development of project documentation


  • Collect baseline data for design;
  • Technical task for design;
  • Description of classification and coding systems;
  • The scheme of the structural complex of technical means;
  • Description of the complex of technical means;
  • Description of the tasks;
  • Description of automated functions;
  • The list of input and output signals and data;
  • Automation schemes;
  • Location plans for electrical equipment and automation equipment;
  • Single line diagrams, as well as internal and external connections;
  • The task of the plant for the manufacture of cabinets, panels and non-standard equipment;
  • Plans for the placement of cable routes and pipe wiring;
  • List of equipment and materials;
  • Description of information support;
  • Development of PLC and HMI application software; Software description; Algorithm description;
  • Estimated documentation.

Supply of equipment and materials: 


  • Supply of pressure sensors (absolute, excessive, pressure drop, rarefaction), temperature, flow rate (electromagnetic, ultrasonic, coriolis, vortex), level (ultrasonic, radar, wave), mechanical quantities (vibration, linear movement) and position (electromagnetic, optical , cable, laser and absolute encoders)
  • Supply of frequency converters, actuators (single-breasted, multi-turn, lily action);
  • Manufacturing of low and medium voltage distribution cabinets, automation cabinets and non-standard equipment for project implementation;
  • Supply of cable-conductor products, cable-growth systems and other installation materials for project execution.

Assembly work:


  • Pre-assembly check (input control) of equipment and materials
  • Installation of cable growth systems and other metal structures for the installation of cable products and sensors;
  • Installation of distribution cabinets, automation cabinets, frequency converters, actuators;
  • Installation of cable and wire products, checking the resistance of the mounted cables;
  • Attaching the ends of wires and cable conductors to field equipment (sensors, frequency converters, actuators, electric motors, etc.), and distribution cabinets and control cabinets;
  • Formation of as-built documentation.

Commissioning works: 


  • Bench testing of sensors at the initial stage of installation, subject to the integrated implementation of work
  • Verification of the completed installation work, comparison of sensor setup data in accordance with metrological certificates, in case of direct commissioning;
  • Control of completion of installation work during the integrated performance of work (not calculated in the estimate)
  • Setting up sensors, frequency converters, actuators immediately prior to setting up the system, provided that the project is carried out in a comprehensive manner;
  • Individual equipment testing;
  • Adjustment of measurement systems of technological parameters, adjustment of process controllers;
  • Conducting group and functional tests of the equipment, with the involvement of representatives of the organization performing technological debugging;
  • Preparation of reporting documentation for each stage of the work.



  • Carrying out the final stages of commissioning, preparation for comprehensive testing;
  • The compilation of a comprehensive testing program is conducted in parallel with the previous paragraph;
  • Conducting a comprehensive audit along with the Customer’s operational service and the rest of the contractors involved in the testing;
  • Preparation of reporting documentation.

Warranty and after-sales service