Norgren company started life in 1927 in the city of Denver (Colorado). That's when Carl Norgren design creates a lubricating device in a short time, which gives rise to the base and the development of an entire industry. At this time, the inventor Carl Norgren opens producer of pneumatic equipment. Throughout the time the company had a successful development of an innovative technology of pneumatic equipment. Today Norgren is part of the corporation IMI - a world leader specializing in the development of engineering solutions.

Norgren confidently holds the position of leader of the plague to solve various problems in the field of management and pneumatic fluids. The company has at its disposal 22 companies producing equipment and modules, representation and service and sales centers in 75 countries.

Throughout the time the company Norgren is committed significantly improve operational efficiency, expand the range of specific technologies and services offered to customers and improve the quality of service. As a result, an international company NORGREN GROUP, which included brands that are recognized as leaders in various industries. 

Today NORGREN GROUP includes companies such as:

  • Buschjost - manufacture of solenoid valves, systems and technologies for the manufacturing industry;
  • HERION Systemtechnik - electromagnetic and control valves for Gaudry and compressor;
  • KIP - release solenoid valves to control the flow of high pressure;
  • Webber - electromagnetic valve used in the management of inert gas, compressed air, water and other fluids;
  • Watson Smith - manufacture of pneumatic instrumentation and equipment;
  • FAS (Fluid Automation Systems) - management of fluids in the field of miniature solenoid valves and mikrogidrodinamike;
  • GHR - special valves and flow regulators for the energy sector;
  • GT Development - solutions for fuel and brake systems, air conditioning systems, controls and seats in the cabin for the transport of passengers and freight;
  • IMF - the production of valves and high pressure regulators in the food industry;
  • NAS - the best automation solutions in the matter;
  • Kloehn - solving individual problems and the production of jet components and assemblies;
  • Thompson Valves - regulators, valves, flow control valves and pressure for harsh environments (offshore industry, nuclear power plants);
  • Also part of the NORGREN GROUP are: Martonair, Leibfried, Walter, Dyna-Quip, Knorr, Beech, Enots etc.

Industries in which the product has been used successfully and implement technology solutions company Norgren:

  • Commercial vehicles - vehicles for passenger and freight transport;
  • Energy;
  • Food;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Life Sciences;
  • The rail sector.


The company's products Norgren:

Drives - in this group of products have a wide range of pneumatic actuators. High quality and applicability to industrial applications:

  • Circular cylinders;
  • Compact drives;
  • Cylinders ISO / VDMA;
  • Rodless cylinders LINTRA;
  • Sliding guides and drives with guide;
  • Rotary actuators;
  • Drives of stainless steel;
  • Air silforny;
  • Switches;
  • Classic drives.

Air treatment - years of experience, development and production of air handling units, can be represented in this group of products as a single unit for paint spraying systems and complete systems for electric trains:

  • Combined air preparation unit;
  • Filters and regulators;
  • Filters;
  • Lubricators;
  • Pressure regulators;
  • Pressure relief valves;
  • Soft start valves with pressure relief;
  • Miniature series;
  • The main series of products for air;
  • Stainless Steel Products;
  • Devices for special purposes;
  • Classical products for air.

Fittings - a wide range of products, this product is provided by using different materials for the manufacture of various shapes and sizes. In the manufacture of products paying special attention to the properties of its integrity as a single unit or as a component of the whole system. In this group, the company presents the following products:

  • Fittings;
  • Pipes and hoses;
  • Accessories;
  • Classical products.

Pressure switch - the products of this product group, provides the required pressure regimes. Flexibility when meeting the individual tasks is an essential advantage in building an integrated pressure control system. The company offers the following pressure:

  • Electromechanical;
  • Electronic.

Vacuum technology - products applied in various fields from production to packaging of finished products. In this group of products are:

  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Vacuum cups and bellows;
  • Accessories for vacuum devices.

Valves - Norgren company produces both specific and universal valve. The wide range of products in this group allows you to solve any problems in any industry.

  • Valve;
  • The valves on the base;
  • Valves, in-line, and distribution comb;
  • Safety valves;
  • Valves with manual and mechanical control;
  • Proportional valves;
  • NAMUR valves for the manufacturing industry;
  • Butterfly valves.
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