Today's industrial environment requires more than just managing day-to-day filter changes. There is an urgency to address complex contaminant management issues that interconnect us all. Smart companies leverage partnerships that synergize with overall corporate sustainability. PECOFacet is one of these companies.

Working with our customer's commercial and technology teams we create contaminant management solutions that fuse innovative technologies, standard products, advanced testing and services.

Our global resources allow us to easily propagate these solutions from one facility to another throughout the world. The outcome generates improved operational metrics that drive sustainability and profits.

With over 75 years of industry knowledge, engineering vision, ongoing research, and a vast network of resources, PECOFacet continually produces innovative contaminant management solutions for an ever-changing industry landscape and an environmentally conscious world.

Filter Cartridges - Oil & Gas

Our customers know they can trust and rely on PECOFacet filter cartridges for their filtration needs. Our cartridge lines range from traditional products all the way to the latest products in advanced technology. We know that our customers' applications and contaminants are not always the same. We approach filter cartridge selection by letting the contaminant dictate the method!

Filter Housings - Oil & Gas

PECOFacet has a reputation for manufacturing quality, reliable, long lasting filter housings. Most housings are built to ASME Code Section VIII Div.1 or can be custom built to other International codes.


General Products Catalog - Oil & Gas