Thermokon Company Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH was founded by Harald Ziganov literally out of nothing. At first, his "power" of a young businessman placed in a small garage. Initially, the main field of activity for the company was the market for HVAC. Soon followed humidity sensors, air quality, lighting and occupancy sensors. Thanks to the business acumen of Mr. Harold Zigana and his keen commercial instinct has established a strong and dynamic company, full of energy and ideas.


Now Thermokon Sensortechnik - a company with twenty-five experience in the market of power system with the main office in Germany and subsidiaries in Austria, Sweden, Poland and China, as well as partners around the world. The total area occupied by the offices of developers and Thermokon production is about 850 square meters and after a series of renovations made in 2008-2009 for office and laboratory space were increased again, making it possible to move to two-shift work schedule. In 1995 the company was certified Thermokon DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality control and process optimization. The Company is a lot of large-scale projects as well as taking an active part in the development of technologies INTELLIGENT BUILDING. Thermokon also is a major supplier of equipment for optimizing the power and heat consumption, which is particularly important when addressing resource savings.


The company's products combines all the necessary qualities: durability, reliability, simplicity, accuracy, competitive price. Because of these qualities TERMOKOM products are constantly growing demand almost from the first years of its establishment.


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