The company Omron has a leading position in the production of high-tech products for industrial automation and is widely known in the world as a manufacturer of high quality automation systems and components. Production facilities are located in almost all over the world: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, the U.S., Canada, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.
Efforts and investments made in research and development of new products, is one of the main components of success and prosperity of the company Omron. Annual investments represent more than 7% of the total turnover. In the laboratories of the company employs over 1,700 engineers. The main part of the developments made in Japan, in the center, which is located in Kyoto. European technical centers are located in the Netherlands (ETC-NL) and the UK (ETC-UK).
Omron Industrial Automation Division is associated with a very wide range of products for the automation of production processes. Programmable controllers, speed regulators, servo systems, terminals, software, temperature regulators, various types of sensors, relays, etc. This is not a complete list of equipment that can solve almost any task automation. Division Omron Industrial Automation located in almost every country in the world and provide global support and marketing.

Industry-standard Omron sensors are able to provide unmatched reliability of detection of objects or spaces between objects. There are models for the detection of objects near and at a distance; model for confined installation conditions and special conditions, and models for the detection of specific objects and models for systems with specific requirements for connection. From the available list of models of incremental and absolute encoders, the OMRON You can pick up a device suitable for resolution, the diameter of the shaft and the option to connect an accurate, reliable and rapid measurement. Sensors Omron - it's the eye of the process. We can offer a wide range of products for the optimal solution of any problem in the field of vision - from easily customizable and easy-to-use image sensors to fully functional network of vision systems with high resolution.
All control systems Omron fully inherited traits such as quality of performance, reliability and high technical level. We offer intelligent devices for remote I / O compact single-block PLC for smaller systems, high-performance modular CJ1 series PLCs and CS1-series PLCs powerful rack-mount type for complex resource management tasks. In the development of management systems, much attention was paid to the high speed of operation and transparency of functioning. They support the "seamless" docking of different communication channels for the exchange of information both within the automated equipment, as well as across the enterprise as a whole. For writing and debugging programs all Omron PLCs using a software package CX-Programmer. The latter is part of the CX-One - intelligent automation software package from the company Omron. Omron supports standards-based open networks such as DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, which are easily incorporated into existing facilities and provide interoperability with other vendors' systems. The range of products includes advanced Omron programmable terminals Series NS, baseline NT-series touch terminals and terminals NT series with functional klavishami.Resheniya in software provides a simple configuration, delivering an integrated software environment that enables users to develop modular systems avtomatizatsii.Kontseptsiya Omron - it creation of a "nationwide" clear and simple to operate. Through the use of components of intellectual software platform allows to introduce our extensive experience in order to speed up the process at all stages: design, commissioning and maintenance.
The main requirement for safety - stop operation of the equipment in situations that are dangerous for the staff. Equipment emergency stop equipment stops as quickly as possible to protect a person in a dangerous situation. Precise control of the position of guards and covers equipment provides protection for personnel. End Cutoffs restrict access to dangerous equipment nodes. They ensure that the equipment can be started only if the guards and covers are in place. Reliably accurate determination of the position of doors or protective fencing is a key factor to ensure production safety and security. Safety sensors - the first solution for safety in areas where man and machine work together. Possessing intelligence, these sensors stop the machine in situations that are dangerous to humans. The range of safety devices and safety relay modules Omron meets all these requirements and has additional features. Using a single tool and a common vision of work Omron safety controllers allow you to create standalone or transparent scalable network solutions for security management systems equipment of all sizes. Protecting workers finally achieved only with the full termination of the dangerous movement. Relays and contactors with built-in security, Omron established for reliable and safe shutdown equipment. The next step in the integration of security features - the fastest and most reliable termination of the equipment - allow you to implement inverters with built-in security.
From simple to high-tech temperature controls with programmable controllers configuration and communication interfaces - a proposed series of products manufactured by Omron offers a variety of modes and a plurality of selectable input ranges. Power supply - this is one of the key components of any system, control panels or car, and without a reliable power supply trouble-free operation is no longer possible. Choosing the right power supply is crucial. Omron has over 35 years has been at the forefront of production of power supplies with switching mode for automated industrial systems. We offer a choice of a wide range of power supplies feature set accordingly to individual customer requirements. Omron is a family of electro-mechanical timers, electronic, conventional and digital timers in a variety of packages for various types of installation that will satisfy all your needs. Timers with time ranges from 0.001 second to 9999 hours is equipped with relay, contact or transistor outputs. Just in the range of Omron relays are present ZEN - a compact, programmable relay for flexible solutions to the problems of automatic control of small systems. These devices are very easy to program. To get started, it is quite basic programming skills. We offer a CPU with a fixed (10 or 20) or expandable (up to 44) the number of inputs / outputs, with or without the support of our customer support. The modules are equipped with relay or transistor outputs, and models with 12 ... 24 VDC also have analog input and the input of an 8-bit high-speed schetchika.Tsifrovye panel indicators, gauges Omron able to work with a wide range of input signals (analog current unified and voltage signals from temperature sensors, pulse signals, from the weight sensors, and many others), which can select any display scale. A clear indication of the dynamics of the process is achieved thanks to the opportunities provided for switching the display color (green / red)
Motion control controllers from Omron are simple without losing the characteristics of the system and are able to cover running from 1 to 256 axes. With their help is readily available features such as interpolation of axes, the organization of "defining / tracking", modeling the curved profile (the function e "cam show"), the synchronization of axes by exchanging signals through the normal I / O or secure digital channel servo controller. Omron Yaskawa servo series is unique for its high performance at very small sizes. Add to that the unsurpassed reliability and you'll understand why these servo systems are the most widely used around the world. Offered range of frequency converters Omron , behind the creation of which lie progressive design principles of Yaskawa, covers a wide range of devices. This is a miniature inverter J7, L7 special inverter for elevator control, and the most advanced in the world with a three-level inverter G7 control scheme and vector regulation.


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Sensors Omron Sensors Omron

OMRON Sensing Components detect, measure, analyze, and process various changes that occur on productions sites, such as changes in position, length, height, displacement, and appearance. They also contribute to predicting and preventing future events.

Controllers Omron Controllers Omron

Programmable Logic Controllers, along with easy-to-use Support Software, are available to flexibly handle applications from small-scale equipment to entire production lines with Programmable Logic Controllers such as those in the CJ1, CS1 and other series.

Inverters Omron Inverters Omron

OMRON Inverters support energy-saving operation of facilities and machines with fine speed control. Models with DeviceNet communications are also provided. Concerning Frequency Inverters, OMRON offers different products in different areas.