Baumer Group is one of the world leaders in the production of sensors, sensor technologies for various industries. The company was founded in 1952. Initially, it was the pioneering work of engineer Herbert Baumer, who founded Baumer Electric. In 1964, Mr. Helmut Witz took over the management of the company. As a visionary entrepreneur, from the very beginning, he understood the prospects of sensor technology, which allowed the company to quickly conquer the global market. And even today, it is his strategy that explains the well-known values ​​and success of Baumer to everyone. Today, Baumer is a company whose corporate philosophy is based on innovation and technological progress, on sustainability and reliability.


  In 2007, the company was transferred to the next generation of the Witz family. The company's strategy was marked by rapid development and growth, internationalization and uniform standards around the world. In addition, the original principles of Baumer: quality, precision and an innovative spirit remain the main ones.

   Today, Baumer is represented by branches and production offices around the world. The company employs more than 2500 employees worldwide, in 36 branches and 18 countries. Baumer's customers are mainly small, highly specialized factories and engineering companies, as well as large industrial enterprises and groups of companies operating on a global level. The main driving force of the company is innovation: better, more accurate, more reliable. Baumer offers solutions that meet the highest technological standards and are applicable even in particularly hazardous conditions.

  The company's goal is to always be one step ahead in order to quickly meet the needs of the market, therefore Baumer is constantly expanding its range of products. The unusually wide range of Baumer products consists of five main areas: motion control, sensors, process visualization, tools and incandescent systems.

Baumer produces:

  • Presence detection (inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic, capacitive, magnetic sensors, precision mechanical switches)
  • Distance measurement (inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic sensors, linear encoders without bearings, encoders for cable voltage)
  • Angle sensors, encoders (absolute, incremental encoders, heavy-duty encoders, tilt sensors and others)
  • Recognition, image processing (technical cameras, vision sensors, system components, software and starter packs)
  • Instrumentation of processes (sensors for measuring level, temperature, pressure, conductivity, voltage and others)
  • Accessories & Supplies


  Baumer offers customers outstanding quality and state-of-the-art technology. Fields of application of Baumer products are quite wide: robotics, graphic equipment, packaging machines, textile equipment, machine tools, medical and laboratory technology, semiconductor industry, construction, food industry, elevator equipment, steel industry, chemical industry, renewable energy sources, wind engines, transport and logistics, cranes and heavy lifting equipment, trucks and many others.