Founded in 1945, the German firm Schmersal, the leading European company for the production and development of lifts and lifting devices, security in the workplace, industrial sensors, as well as a leader in the world for the production of limit switches for applications in harsh environments.

Representation of Schmersal located in the territories of many countries such as: USA, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Japan, China and other countries.

The company's products Schmersal is designed to provide safe and humane conditions of work, where the machinery perform monotonous and hard work ensure safe operations and eliminate risks.

By Schmersal are ongoing development of advanced safety systems and devices for different applications. The focus is on three areas of production - is the safety of lifting equipment bezopastnost technology and security automation technologies.

Increased demands on the safety of products of Schmersal (shell and structure breakers, extended operating temperature range, the availability of products in the tropical version) provide Schmersal products of high reliability and long life operation (more than 10 years in the coking plants and steel industry).

The main groups of products Schmersal:

  • Schmersal AZ 1x , AZ 2x , AZ 3x , AZ 4x - safety switches with separate actuator.
  • Schmersal CSP 34 - safety sensors.
  • Schmersal PROTECT SRB - security modules.
  • PROTECT PSC - modular safety controllers.
  • Switches.
  • Schmersal BDF - the control panel.
  • Limit switches.
  • Alarms.
  • Devices for Ex - zones.
  • Lifting equipment and machinery.

Safe signal processing
Generally produces Schmersal safety relay modules for different machines. Example of application monitoring - the signal processing in an emergency stop and door protection. The company makes programmable controllers for centralized and decentralized areas of moving systems, such as the modular concept of security with control on small machines.

Automation Technology
Automation involves quality and reliable switching devices for the detection of mechanical parts in a variety of applications. It's sensors with different operating principles, as well as comprehensive programs for control and signaling devices. 

Devices for Ex 
Explosive equipment requires special conditions. Devices that can be used (in accordance with agreed standards) in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere (eg, gas and dust). It is necessary to use switches and safety switches, and the protection of sensors with contactless mode of operation. These products are fully certified and Schmersal matched against the highest international standards and requirements.

Lifting Equipment 
Company Schmersal is a leader in the production of devices for a variety of lifting equipment. They are used in mines, CAREER and stems, in elevators, cars and elevators. These devices are an integral part of the lifting mechanisms, such as: floors with fine adjustment switches, positive break-door contacts, position switches, magnetic keys, remote alarm system, and ultrasonic USP lift-positioning system.


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