Emerson Process Management delivers time-tested and innovative solutions designed to help customers reduce plant maintenance cost, reduce capital requirements, reduce cost of regulatory compliance, and increase process availability. This is enabled by world class products such as Fisher control valves, regulators, instrumentation and performance services, which are the most reliable in the process control industry.

Fisher Products
An actuator is a mechanical device used to control a valve, damper, etc.
Control Valves
Control valves are valves used in pipelines to control operating conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to a process signal. Fisher, Baumann and POSI-SEAL  brand control valves can be located via links on this page.
Fisher Digital Valve Controllers
Digital valve controllers use microprocessors and have become the dominant replacement technology for conventional and electro-pneumatic positioners since the mid 1990s. Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers integrate functionality far beyond the traditional analog or pneumatic positioner. The benefits of using a  FIELDVUE digital valve controller include: Availability of equipment alerts to notify the user of pending issues, automated configuration, calibration and tuning , and access to advanced levels of valve assembly diagnostics. This provides consistent and predictable knowledge of valve assembly performance and condition regardless who performs the task. 
Fisher Field Instrumentation
Fisher field mounted instruments provide monitoring and control to final control devices. Transducers, controllers, volume boosters, solenoids and switches are used to monitor and control flow, temperature, pressure and level variables in the process industry.
Fisher Nuclear Products
Emerson offers a full array of Fisher valve types in a variety of construction materials, flow characteristics and end connections. Complementary actuators and accessories are also available. Virtually all Fisher valve products can be built to the ASME Section III requirements.
For over 35 years, Emerson has supported nuclear facilities, worldwide with Fisher nuclear valves and associated services. In fact, Fisher valves are installed in over 90% of the world's nuclear facilities. Thousands of ASME Section III N-Stamped and RCCM process control valves have been shipped around the globe.
Fisher Positioners
Positioners are most commonly used to move a control valve to a specified position so that a process meets specific parameters (flow, pressure, temperature).  Fisher positioners have the reputation of providing the most accurate, robust, and reliable performance in the industry.
Fisher Severe Service
For decades Emerson's severe service team has been providing global customers with Fisher severe service control valve solutions.  Whether it is severe service applications for the power, hydrocarbon, chemical or pulp and paper industry, Emerson's technical experts have provided sound solutions to address critical applications for aerodynamic noise, cavitation and out-gassing issues, as well as particulate erosion.
Fisher Wireless Products
Wireless products from Fisher provide access to valves and other equipment in hard-to-reach places or where a wired solution is not cost-effective or practical.

Since 1880, many Fisher regulators have become the industry standard for reliable pressure regulation and are marketed throughout the world providing pressure and flow control solutions in Process / Specialty Gases, Liquid, Steam, Natural Gas and LP-Gas Industries.

Emerson Process Management offers Fisher pressure reducing regulators, relief valves and slam-shut valves, remote operation controls and integrated regulating and metering systems solutions. These products can handle high-pressure gas flows at the well-head to low-pressure house service applications at pilot light.

Product versatility, stability, in-line maintenance and rugged construction have made Fisher the pressure regulator of choice in thousands of installations around the world.

From made-to-order skid systems to industry-standard regulators, you can depend on ISO-9001 standards for quality and reliability. We are dedicated to providing products and services that meet our customers' needs.
  • R622H Series
  • Types HSR, HSRL, R122H, R222, R232, R622, R622E, R622H, R632,
  • R642, R652, R652E, 67C Series, 67CR, 67CF, and 67CFR. Airsets, propane and  natural gas regulators.
  • Types H282, H732, and H5112
  • Types G105, F190, and F191
  • Types S301D, S301F, and S301HP
  • Types G105, G106 and G107 Back Check Valves
  • Types 133L, 133H, and 133Z
  • Types Y692 and Y696
  • M3162-08
  • Types 1098-EGR, 63EG, and 1190 Regulators
  • Type R332-41 Light Crimp
  • Type 67 Flange Leakage. 60 and 100 psi / 4,1 and 7,0 bar
  • Type S203/303 Relief Monitor Blockage
  • Type 627 Body Bolt Recall
  • Type 399A Bonnet Recall
  • Type S300 Vent Flapper Recall
  • Type N550 Retrofit Program
  • Type 627 Body Recall
  • Single Stage Regulator Incentive Program
  • Type S402 Reversed Flow Arrow
  • Type R522H Recall
  • Type S100/S300 Pivot Pin Screw Recall
  • Types S208/S209, CS404, CP404, CSB404, and 299HS
  • Types S208, S209 and 299HS
  • 2-inch 289H
  • Types H732 and H832
  • CSB400 Series
  • CSB403 and CSB404 Series
  • CS800 Series

Fisher easy-e Sliding-Stem Control Valves

Reliable Control Valve Solutions