Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi - Italian holding company, is one of the top five of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical equipment (electronic components for automation systems) for a wide range of industrial applications.

The company has production plants in  Lithuania, Italy, Denmark, Malta and China.

The main products enterprises Carlo Gavazzi are : electronic controllers for electric motors, relays, sensors,  solid state relays, protection devices, timers, and much more.

High reliability of electrical equipment produced by Carlo Gavazzi, is widely used in engineering, input / output control systems, production loading - unloading machines, conveyors and packaging equipment, machines for molding plastic products under pressure, ventilation, air conditioning and heating, as well as in manufacture of equipment for wind power plants.

A separate branch of Carlo Gavazzi is a manufacture of universal distribution systems transmit signals over a two-wire line Dupline R, for use in the fields of water communications, building automation, energy management, rail systems, as well as other areas of industry and business.

Production of the company Carlo Gavazzi designed and manufactured according to international standards and norms, and received the approval of the independent organizations to monitor the standards specific to the fields of industrial production, which uses these products.

The main products of the company Carlo Gavazzi:

  • Ultrasonic sensors Carlo Gavazzi used to determine the position of objects made of any material and at large distances, resistant to dust and are used in various areas of industrial production.
  • Capacitive sensors are designed for fast, trouble-free and durable detection equipment items.
  • Inductive sensors Carlo Gavazzi designed for non-contact position control subjects.
  • Photoelectric sensors are designed for a wide range of applications in industrial automation.
  • Sensors optical layer.
  • Semiconductor devices and relays include two relay group: Group 1 - designed to work with different loads (switching relays), as well as three-pin relay for three-phase loads, Group 2 - relays are equipped with overhead or integrated heat sink and are intended for switching heavy loads (relays SOLITRON RJ and RN).
  • Timers and time to create a logical system of fixed cycles.
  • Soft starters for starting and stopping the 3 - phase motors, the time to start / stop and the torque is adjusted independently with the help of a potentiometer circuit-switched 1 - phase transformer inrush current reduction.
  • Three-phase control devices are designed for switching AC motors, AC motor control, and can be supplied with heat sink and cooling fans.
  • Emergency and limit switches.
  • Non-explosive detectors.
  • Remote sensors.


All made by the company Carlo Gavazzi, automation components are certified in accordance with Quality Management Systems (Quality Management System).

Carlo Gavazzi cam switches Carlo Gavazzi capacitive sensors
Carlo Gavazzi contactors and overloads Carlo Gavazzi DuplineTM
Carlo Gavazzi energy/power meters Carlo Gavazzi limit switches
Carlo Gavazzi monitoring control Carlo Gavazzi motor controllers
Carlo Gavazzi push buttons Carlo Gavazzi safety solution for machine safeguarding
Carlo Gavazzi solid state relays Carlo Gavazzi switching power supplies
Carlo Gavazzi temperature and process controllers Carlo Gavazzi timers and counters