IFM ElectronicThe German company IFM Electronic is a global leader in the field of industrial automation. Since 1969 (the base year), the company is in constant contact with customers and has an extensive sales network. More than 70 representative offices scattered around the world. 

The main activity is the production of IFM Electronic sensors for applications in various areas of industrial production. In the offices of the company is always possible to get the necessary consultation and maintenance. Production of the company IFM Electronic is constantly being improved, thanks to the introduction in the production of the latest innovations and close cooperation with the scientific - research centers and educational institutions. For the implementation of their development company constantly conducts training workshops in their centers or at a customer. 

The company guarantees an individual approach in solving the problems in the case of acquisition of individual components, as well as in the design of complex automation systems. IFM Electronic Company produces more than 8,000 thousand products that provide flexibility and compatibility both for the solution of complex automation tasks, as well as setting individual sensors with a set of handy accessories. An integral part of the strategy of the company is high quality and safety of products. The company IFM Electronic offers easy to manage, high-quality, global standards of quality and safety products for applications in virtually all areas of use - from the food industry to transportation.

List of products manufactured by the company IFM Electronic.

Inductive sensors detect objects and positioning (DC, AC, AC / DC) for the crane, to determine the position of the valve clusters to monitor the status of the entry door with air curtain, position feedback knee on the distribution panel:

Output function - PNP / NPN

  • With different technologies connect plug connector or cable
  • Modular sensor with extended switching distance,
  • Sensors special versions for almost all applications
  • Inductive sensors in rectangular or cylindrical body with a diameter of 4 - 34 mm.
  • With a wide range of connectors and accessories for installation.

Capacitive sensors are DC, AC / DC for non-contact detection of metallic and non-metallic objects, as well as to control the level limit in tanks and vessels:

  • With the increased protection from interference, which significantly increases the operational reliability of the sensors,
  • Adjustable switching distance by potentsiomentra (up to 15 mm)
  • The sensors in a robust and reliable package of plastic,
  • Connection: plug or connecting cable
  • A version with a programmable output function,
  • Output function: DC PNP, AC / DC.

Magnetic (magnetic - inductive) sensors for use in mobile equipment:

  • Non-contact detection of objects in the technologies of control (recognizable object must have a magnet, the sensor only reacts to it)
  • Replace the inductive sensors where inductive proximity switches reach their limits,
  • Case small size metal (M8) or plastic (M12, M18),
  • In contrast to inductive sensors have a greater operating distance.
  • Connecting via a connecting cable (M8), connecting cable with connector (M12) or the electrical connector (M18).

Cylinder sensors are designed to control the position of the piston in the pneumatic cylinders:

  • Simple installation of sensors with an eccentric
  • Sensors easily inserted into the groove at the top, which provides high practicality,
  • Suitable for use with most types of sensors,
  • Different variants of joining sensors via plug connector or via a connector cable,
  • Delivery of the sensors in the cylinder versions: with a high reaction rate and high switching frequencies.
  • Output function - DC PNP / NPN.

Optical sensors (infrared, red range) single beam reflecting light barriers, diffuse reflective sensors - the optimal solution for installation in tight prostrastva (optoelectronic components and the electronic sensor separated from the sensitive surface of the sensor):

  • Visible red light provides a simple adjustment,
  • There are variants: in the case of metal, for use in extreme conditions,
  • To monitor the operation and adjustment of a LED indicator
  • There are sensors with special features, such as - polarizing filters
  • For the sake of simplicity, reliability and ease of installation offers a wide range of system components,
  • Outputs: L / D - PNP / NPN (L - light-on, D - dark-on mode).

Laser optical sensors are used to control the position of roller conveyors level control swarf in silos and in the food industry for the production of ice-cream:

  • Object recognition using a focused laser beam,
  • Simple adjustment of the object due to visible red light,
  • Identifying the point of switching occurs automatically when a key is pressed
  • Delivery of sensors for specific applications,
  • For fine adjustment, there are special components
  • Connection via plug connector M8, M12 (Power - DC),
  • Output function: L / D (L - light-on, D - dark-on mode).

Fiber optic sensors - ideal for installation in areas with limited access:

  • With fine adaptation of the different LEDs
  • Automatic or manual adjustment using the Teach-In,
  • To oversee the work, the switching status and function of a LED indicator
  • For different applications (different fiberglass materials)
  • Allowed to mount the tire that meets DIN - standard,
  • Connection - plug M12, M16 (supply - DC)
  • Output function - L / D PNP (L - born, D - the darkness).

Special optical sensors (reflective) for detecting transparent object (film, polyethylene, glass, etc.)

  • Optical sensors of high quality for a variety of applications,
  • Excellent quality-price ratio,
  • Laser rangefinders miniature size, with a distance measurement up to 10 m,
  • A wide range of system tools for ease of installation,
  • Connecting the plug connector with M8, M12 (Power - DC),
  • Output function: DC PNP, L / D PNP (L - light-on, D - dark-on mode).

Rotary Encoders (Encoders) solutions for precision positioning:

  • Photoelectric detection,
  • The pulse generator is firmly connected with the shaft,
  • With high precision switching
  • High reliability design,
  • BUS Profibus - special performance sensors with built-in,
  • For drives with high acceleration sensors are available with hollow shaft
  • Connection: Clem, connecting cable length of 1 - 2 m
  • Output function: Profibus (data interface), HTL (20, 50 mA), 20 mA TTL (RS - 422).

Evaluation systems are used to control equipment downtime, speed in wind power plants, control the direction (twin pumps with check valves) to the Lock the belt conveyor, and many other fields of application:

  • Easy programming and configuration,
  • The relay and transistor outputs
  • Multifunction - in one unit focused more functions,
  • With adjustable output functions
  • Installation is DIN - rail.
  • The input functions - PNP / NPN / Namur,
  • Power supply - AC / DC,
  • Function outputs - analog, relay, transistor (normally open / closed, programmable output, 2 - removable, with one free contact or with the switching of each contact).

The level sensors are designed for use in areas with industrial liquids, granular materials, preparation, and storage of these materials (storage tanks, containers, tanks, silos ...) and are used to assess the level of loading:

  • Due to the absence of mechanical components, have high reliability,
  • Easy adjustment by pressing the teach in,
  • With the control and analog outputs
  • Simplified operations, thanks to built-in LEDs
  • Allowed to use in aggressive environments
  • Electrical design - DC PNP.

Flow sensors are designed to measure the presence and flow of liquids and gases, and are used to measure the flow of air in robotics in ventilation air flow lubricating - cooling materials in industrial processes and much more:

  • Flow sensors with programmable output with programmable output (hygiene), sensors for the control of external devices for external control devices in hazardous areas,
  • Thanks to the calorimetric measurements, operate without wear and tear,
  • For different systems compounds include fittings,
  • Versions designed to meet the danger zones,
  • With integrated LED indicators
  • Programmable outputs NO / NC.

Pressure sensors are used to measure and control the pressure in the pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms and systems:

  • Electronic (with display) pressure sensors,
  • Long-term stability, with overload protection,
  • Measurements in the range up to 600 bar,
  • With the fittings for connection of various systems,
  • For external programming - interface EPS,
  • Types PN, with display and non-display type - PP,
  • Connecting the plug connector with M12
  • Output functions: DC PNP; 2/1 - normally open / closed programmable; DC.

Temperature sensor intended for temperature measurement and control in industrial processes:

  • Thermistor Pt 1000 - for accurate measurement of temperature,
  • With external or built the converter,
  • Suitable for any application, thanks to its modular design,
  • For different systems compounds include fittings,
  • Resistant to vibration due to robust housing design,
  • LED indication of red and yellow,
  • Built-in temperature sensors with TN2530 and TN2530 single output with two outs.

Diagnostic systems , with built-in diagnostics of roller bearings are used for the monitoring of turbines, drives, machine tools and so on:

  • Vibration monitoring system that does not require large expenditures,
  • Due to the acoustic emission, provides a reliable measurement principle,
  • Thanks to early diagnosis, increased equipment life,
  • Are easy to install and configure,
  • Programmable switching outputs, the definition of bearings produced directly,
  • Monitoring of bearings VB ... monitoring frequency and VE.

Industrial tires for applications - AS-i Master, for power, for I / O to I / O fieldbus:

  • With the support of the standard profile of AS-i № 2.1 (extended range)
  • Powerful controller has a user-friendly graphical interface,
  • To perform security tasks at work - Safety at work,
  • Different versions (field or control cabinets)
  • With Intelligent systems approach for special tasks.

Power supply (switchable) of IFM Electronic - Transformer (low cost) and pulse are used for different purposes in all areas of operation:

  • According to the level of radiation meet the standard EN 50081 and the level of interference protection to EN 50082
  • With a wide range of output voltage,
  •  The outputs are protected against overload and short-circuit currents
  • With plenty of power,
  • Power supplies in a sturdy metal case, to ensure the safe installation.

Connection methods - the standard cable plug M8, M12, M18, cables, using solenoids and connection cables (jumper) and distribution hub:

  • Full range of junction boxes and connectors,
  • Depending on the application, different embodiments are cables insulation
  • Made of high-quality materials and are adapted to different operating conditions,
  • Cables have a length up to 10 meters,
  • For convenience, there are built-in diagnostics LEDs
  • With cable for general applications - type connectors M12
  • With cable for use in the food industry - type connectors M12
  • With cable for welding - type connectors M12
  • Three-wire, three-pole, LED, PNP,
  • Four-pole, four-wire,
  • Five-wire, five-pole.

All equipment and materials company IFM Electronic comply with international standards of quality and safety. 

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