SUNX The company "SUNX", the main controlling shareholder which is a company "Panasonic Electric Woks", one of the leading manufacturers of sensors. Earlier SUNX sensors sold in Europe under two brand names: SUNX and NAiS. Currently, for ordering signage systems, a decision was issued by all sensors, denoted by the same brand SUNX.

The main characteristics of "SUNX Ltd." is the development and manufacture of laser marking systems, industrial ionizers and various types of sensors. These products are widely used in industry and high quality assessment by consumers all over the world.


The main types of sensors "SUNX Ltd.":


      • Area / Bin Picking: sensors for the detection of small thin objects, advanced technology Bin - sensor assembly simplifies the process of hand-built and is a universal solution.
      • Fiber-optic sensors with a simple manual adjustment, have more than 180 fiber - optic cables to meet the challenges at great distances at high temperatures, vacuum, chemicals, and highly flexible.
      • Inductive proximity sensors broad spectrum for reliable detection of objects made of metal, are available stand-alone amplifiers and individual packages to ensure accurate detection, with a repeatability of up to microns. Impact-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, suitable for use in demanding environments.
      • Laser sensors offer a wide range of sensitivity and accuracy, which are not comparable to those with light - performance diode sensors. Offered as a stand-alone amplifier, and separate laser sensors to help guarantee maximum flexibility for application solutions.
      • Sensors measure SUNX, with high-quality laser displacement measurement, inductive displacement sensors and a collimated beam, ensure the accuracy and speed of measurement of thickness, height and diameter of the object.
      • Micro - photo sensors ultra - small, a series of RM, U - shaped and diffuse photoelectric sensors with a wide range of models, designed for miniaturization of equipment. All models are equipped with an outlet for Light-ON and Dark-ON sensing and provides a connector and cable for easy installation.
      • Photoelectric sensors, ultra - thin, a compact rectangular housings provide high-performance sensing. Red and infrared light sources allow us to solve the problem on the long and short distances.
      • Pressure / flow for maximum flexibility sensing pressure sensors allow all models to work under positive pressure, vacuum and compound pressure and also have several sizes of outputs and ports.
      • Safety sensors with a 4 and 2 categories of protection, have built-in disconnect and plug.
      • Sensors - controllers with integrated display, an integrated timer, simple operation, arithmetic functions, as well as signal converters, provide the best value digital and analog sensor outputs for use where required PLC.
      • Sensors for special applications are used to perform specific tasks in industries that require automation sensors - Semiconductor: in the printing industry, stamping equipment, packaging, material handling, process control, as well as in the automotive and medical industries.
      • Static ionizers are used on conveyors where static electricity can have disastrous consequences for the sensitive elements of the work. Balanced ion flow area affects of static electricity, thereby reducing its effect.
      • Wire save / bus systems: SUNX S-LINK handles up to 128 I / O points, "T"-branch multi-drop system is designed for flexible arrangement of cables, crimp style IDC for easy installation / change, S-LINK - gateway controllers provide links to other high levels of system buses such as DeviceNet and CC-Link.

All products are "SUNX Ltd." To meet international standards of quality and safety.

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