The history of the production of the holding BELIMO Automation AG originates at June 1, 1975, when the small Swiss town of Vetsikon group of businessmen led by Walter Burkhalter (Walter Burkhalter) founded this company. Since then, for almost forty years, the name BELIMO associated with such concepts as the highest quality of workmanship, innovative approaches to development and a wide range of products.

The main specialization of the company BELIMO is the development and production of electric drives and valves for ventilation, air conditioning and circulation systems of water streams. Thanks to a highly specialized focus, the company BELIMO is a world leader in the manufacture of specialized motors and has the ability to provide customers with the most modern and high-quality solutions ventilation and circulation problems.

One of the most important requirements in the design of modern systems of this type is simple to use and easy to install control devices, which in turn can provide the most efficient energy conservation. In this case, the choice of an appropriate elektroregulyatora and hydraulic balancing of the whole system when commissioning a significant cost. That is why the optimal ratio of reasonable pricing and the highest quality of performance has allowed the company BELIMO take a leading position in the global supply of specialized control devices.

The uniqueness of the company's products BELIMO is direct mounting the actuator to the valve or damper shaft that provides high speed, and ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The company's specialists BELIMO lead the development in five key areas: electric air dampers , fire dampers and actuators smoke valves , ball valves with electric actuators , globe valves with electric actuators , valves "butterfly" with electric drives. 

History of BELIMO is a way undoubted success and continuous creative search:

  • 1999 was marked by the release of the new development - a ball valve regulated, the benefits of which were to the lower cost and higher performance than the model with traditional technology;
  • in 2000, the range has expanded through the development of a new linear actuator for classic globe valves;
  • in 2004, along with the traditional valves BELIMO specialists have developed new valves of the "butterfly" valves, knife gate valves and a constant flow rate;
  • in 2010 has been developed and put into production a range of innovative controllers that use the MFT-technology. The main novelty of these valves is to use a digital control system with integrated MP-Bus-interface that provides the ability of these drives to be connected to information networks, data, and adapting to the different operating parameters. Developed by BELIMO data system allows for MP-Bus interface various MFT2-drives to share information among themselves. One cable is carried out and the power supply and communication, which greatly simplifies the process of building a network and bring together various types of damper actuators, control valves, and VAV-cameras in the distributed functional units.
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