ASCON - an Italian company, a developer, manufacturer of equipment and systems for process control, such as sensors, controllers, digital mini-computer stations. The manufacturing process of ASCON combines advanced technology of microelectronics (SMT and ASIC) and the highest standards of quality and reliability as the foundation of the success of products in the market. Now product line includes sophisticated DCSs (digitalcomputer stations) are compatible with the MMI (multimedia interface) and programmable devices free and quick design of any control strategy, advanced PID-law, extensive maintenance.


The company has its own equipment to test and run the finished products that are 100% tested. Advantage products ASCON TECHNOLOGIC that guaranteed operation of devices and spare parts for several years.


The company's equipment ASCON is used in various industries such as food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the energy, oil, glass, cement industries.


The main products of the company are:


  • Regulators shield performance series GAMMADUE (QF / QP / QD - controllers, programmers, XS / XP / XF - Configurable controllers with universal input / output, JM / JT - configurable indicators, transmitters).
  • Controllers shield construction, series AC (AC 10-multi-function controller, AC20-free programmable DCS, AC 30 - controller for continuous and cyclic processes)
  • The control system of gas combustion in the boiler ASCOMB
  • The modules control and data acquisition for mounting on DIN-rail mounting series DELTADUE
  • Devices for remote data collection and transfer it over networks Modbus and Proflbus series SIGMADUE
  • Converters of temperature sensors into a unified signal series ZTT (2TT-10, ZTT-90)
  • RZ Series Recorders

All products of the company ASCON meet international standards, quality system complies with the standard of ISO9001.