Mitutoyo Corporation was founded in 1963 and now includes 13 branches and several research institutes in the United States and Canada. Products Corporation - classic and electronic digital measuring instruments for the control of size and geometry of products of any complexity, includes a full range of digital instrumentation. Mitutoyo - today it is a world famous brand of mechanical and electronic digital measuring instrument, and the name of the corporation that launches more than 5,000 types of high-tech tools for the measurement.

Mitutoyo Corporation offers:

  • Calipers (vernier, clock and digital); 

Vernier caliper - one of the most useful and widely used measurement instruments. Is a metal bar with a jaw on one side of the upper jaw for measuring internal dimensions, and the inner jaw for measuring the external dimensions. The rod frame moves with the same lips and imeer measuring device: vernier, dial or digital. It is used to determine the external and internal dimensions, determine the depth of holes, slots, etc.:

-        160.533 series with two Vernier Calipers;
-        Calipers Series 500: "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC protected from moisture degree IP-67, "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC standard with / without data output, "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIS solar-powered, "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC for large measuring ranges;
-        Series 505 with Dial Calipers
-        Series 522 vernier calipers "DIAMOND" with parallax-free reading
-        Series 530 vernier calipers: a cylindrical depth gauge, carbide measuring faces
-        Series 531 vernier calipers with a simple adjustment
-        Series 532 vernier calipers with fine adjustment
-        Series 534 vernier calipers with long measuring jaws
-        Series 536 Special calipers, vernier caliper left-handed left-handed
-        Calipers Series 550 "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC with rounded measuring faces
-        Calipers Series 551 "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC with knife-shaped / rounded measuring jaws
-        Caliper Series 552 "DIGIMATIC" ultra-light model. Different models
-        Series 560 vernier calipers with reading without parallax
-        572 series built-in caliper "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC
-        Series 573 Special Calipers "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC with the degree of IP-67

  • Height Gaugey with scriber (vernier, clock and digital); 

Height Gauge - measuring tool is used to determine the height and layout details. Is similar in design to Height Gauge Calipers - only instead of a fixed measuring jaw had a massive base and the movable measuring frame has a mount for marking knives, chertilok, measuring jaws, measuring heads, etc.:

-         Series 192 Height Gauge: double meter, "DIGIMATIC" HD-A, HDM-A and marking devices
-         Series 506 Height Gauge vernier with the scribing tips
-         Series 514 Height Gaug vernier and marking devices
-         570 Series Height Gauge ABSOLUTE DIGIMATIC-HDS and layout tips

  • Micrometers smooth and lever (vernier and digital ); 

Micrometer - the measuring instrument in the form of a bracket with a particularly accurate transducing mechanism, which is based on a pair of high-precision screw-and-nut with a ratchet. A micrometer is used to measure the linear dimensions of the contact relative or absolute method with a small error. Micrometers for the reading are equipped with a vernier or digital reading device:

-         101 Series Micrometers for external measurements compact
-         Micrometer Series 102: For outdoor measurements, massive for outdoor measurements set with a built-in drum ratchet
-         103 Series Micrometers for external measurements lightweight model for shop conditions
-         104 Series Micrometers for external measurements without / with interchangeable measuring heels
-         105 Series Micrometers for external measurements with adjustable measuring heel
-         Series 107 Micrometer for external serial measurements
-         Series 111 Micrometer with stepped measuring surfaces.
-         Series 112 Micrometer with point measuring surfaces
-         Limit Micrometer Series 113
-         Prism Series 114 micrometers to measure: trehlezviynogo tool pyatilezviynogo tool
-         Series 115 micrometers for linear measurements of curved surfaces
-         Series 116 limit micrometer with non-rotating spindle and interchangeable heels
-         Series 117 micrometers with interchangeable heel
-         118 Series Micrometers for external measurements with deep bracket
-         Series 119 micrometers to measure metal sheets and strips
-         Series 122 Micrometer with knife-eminent measuring surfaces
-         Series 123 Micrometer for external measurements with disc measuring surfaces
-         Series 143 Micrometer with special measuring jaws
-         Series 146 micrometer to measure the internal grooves
-         Series 147 micrometers to measure: welds cans, wheel hubs, wires
-         169 Series Micrometers for external measurements with non-rotating spindle and disc measuring surfaces
-         193 Series Micrometers for external measurements with a mechanical counter
-         Series 227 Micrometer-speed ABSOLUTE "DIGIMATIC" Quick adjustable measuring force and with / without measuring surfaces in disc form
-         Series 293 Micrometer: digital "DIGIMATIC" with / without data output, "QuantuMike", fast ABSOLUTE "DIGIMATIC" Quick
-         Prismatic Series 314 digital micrometer "DIGIMATIC"
-         Digital Micrometer Series 317 "DIGIMATIC" with interchangeable measuring heels
-         323 Series Digital Micrometer for external measurements "DIGIMATIC" with the measuring surfaces in the form of discs
-         Digital Micrometer Series 324 "DIGIMATIC" measurement gears with interchangeable inserts a series of 124
-         Digital Micrometer Series 326 "DIGIMATIC" to measure the average diameter of the thread with interchangeable inserts
-         Micrometer Series 331 "DIGIMATIC" with stepped measuring surfaces
-         Series 340 Micrometer for external measurements "DIGIMATIC" with interchangeable measuring heels
-         Series 342 micrometers: a fast ABSOLUTE "DIGIMATIC" Quick measurement of curved surfaces, "DIGIMATIC" with point measuring surfaces, "DIGIMATIC" measurement of convex surfaces
-         Micrometer Series 343 "DIGIMATIC" for outdoor measurements with specialized measuring surfaces
-         347 Series Digital Micrometer for measuring weld cans
-         Series 369 micrometers with measuring surfaces in the form of a disk: for outdoor measurements "DIGIMATIC", a fast ABSOLUTE "DIGIMATIC" Quick 
-         Series 510 Micrometer lever for precise serial measurements

  • Sets of plane-parallel gauge blocks (steel and ceramic); 

Shank length measure - length gauge blocks having a rectangular parallelepiped shape, a circular cylinder, solid frame with recessed end measures.Gauge blocks are used for control and adjustment instruments, direct linear measurements of parts and products, verification and calibration of measuring instruments. Gauge blocks are made of steel or ceramics:
-         167 Series Installation steps to micrometers
-         Ceramic Series 311 standard measure
-         Series 313 kit with wire gauges
-         Series 515 Stepped measures for checking inside micrometers, depth gauges, altimeters and other measuring tools
-         Series 516 sets gage length of ceramic CERA / steel for verification micrometers, vernier calipers. Maintenance kit for gauge blocks
-         Series 926 Set of precision cylindrical gauge

  • Three-point and two-point Nutromery (vernier and digital);

Callipers - the measuring instrument through which the linear dimensions are defined within the recesses, holes, etc. When measuring installed parts, or placed inside. Measurements are performed - in the case of two-point execution of two lugs disposed at an angle 180 relative to each other, and in case of three three-point execution ugom lugs arranged at 120 relative to each other:

-         Series 133 inside micrometers to measure the inside diameter
-         Series 137, 139 inside micrometers with extension rods
-         Series 140 inside micrometers to measure the diameters of the tubes with a large measuring range
-         Series 141 inside micrometers with interchangeable measuring inserts for measuring deep holes
-         Series 145 inside micrometers with measuring jaws for measuring inside dimensions
-         Series 337.339 inside micrometers "DIGIMATIC" with extension rods
-         Series 345 inside micrometers "DIGIMATIC" with jaws for measuring internal dimensions
-         Series 368 inside micrometers "Mini-Holtest", a three-point Nutromery "Holtest"
-         468 Series Three-point bore gauge "DIGIMATIC-Holtest"
-         Series 511 Indicating the two-point Nutromery ABSOLUTE DIGIMATIC "BORE GAUGE"
-         Series 526 Precision Collet Nutromery
-         568 Series Three-point micrometer "BOREMATIC" with the measure "DIGIMATIC"

  • The measuring heads (hourly and digital); 

Measuring heads - designed for linear measurements using the method of direct measurement or comparison with the measure. The measuring heads are used in the test rack, fittings, arrangements:

-         Series 1 measuring heads gauge: scale models, head-turn, with a perpendicular arrangement of the spindle
-         Series 2 measuring heads a dial-turn
-         Series 3 Analog measuring head with a large scale
-         Series 524 High-precision measuring heads gauge "HICATOR", "Signal-HICATOR"
-         Series 543 Digital measuring head "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC ID-S, ID-C, ID-F, ID-H, ID-B, ID-N
-         Series 575 Digital measuring head "ABSOLUTE" DIGIMATIC ID-U

  • Measuring magnifier ; 

Measuring magnifier is used for research and linear measurement of small objects using the optical zoom to increase the prescribed range.Measuring magnifiers are equipped with interchangeable measuring scales for various linear and angular measurements:

-         183 Series Pocket magnifiers and magnifying glass for precision measurements

  • Measuring levels ;

Measuring level - measuring instrument having a rectangular shape and is designed to determine the deviation from the vertical surface of the product or the horizontal level:

-         950 Series Digital Level
-         Series 960 levels of precision squared, frame

  • Profilers and profilers;

Profiler-profiler - a device designed to measure sherehovatosti surface contact method: isleduemoy on the surface of the moving needle that fluctuates on the roughness profile. Fluctuations needles cause excitation voltage in the coil, which is registered by the galvanometer. His readings are converted sohranyayutsya and displayed on the screen as necessary to determine the roughness and surface profile:

- Series 178 Profilers profiling Surftest: SJ-210, SJ-310, SJ-410, SJ-500, SV-2100, SJ-500P, SV-2100M4, SV-3100, Extreme SV-3000CNC, Extreme SVM3000CNC and accessories to These
- Series 525-Profilers konturografy: Formtracer SV-C3200/SV-C4500 "SURFTEST", Formtracer Extreme SVC3000CNC / SV-C4000CNC, Formtracer CS-3200. Profilers-konturografy CNC Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC / CS-H5000CNC.

  • Profile projectors ; 

Measuring profile projectors - optical devices, which are based on non-contact measuring method, ie, the measurement is not part itself and its image with excellent precision projected onto the screen on an enlarged scale. Projectors are equipped with precise stage micrometer or digital data processing systems, they can determine the linear dimensions and study the shape of the sample:

-         Series 172 Profile Projectors PH-3515F, RN-A14
-         Series 302 Profile Projector PJ-A3000
-         Series 303 Profile Projector PJ-H30
-         Series 304 Profile Projector PV-5110

  • Roundtest;

Kruglomer - measuring device with which the determined deviations from circularity, that is, the deviation of distances of the points of the real profile of the cylindrical surfaces of the profile location (covering) of the circle:

-         211 Series Compact kruglomery RA-10, RA-120/120P, RA-220, RA-1600, RA-2200. High-precision measurement system roundness / cylindricity RA-H5200, RA-2200CNC. Accessories for kruglomerov

  • Depth gauges ;

Depth gauges - measuring instrument to means of which the depth of grooves, slots, holes, grooves, scarps, and other elements of parts. Distinguish Gauges, micrometer and indicator glubinumery:

-         Series 128 Micrometer depth gauge
-         Series 129 Micrometer depth gauge with replaceable inserts
-         Series 329 Micrometer Depth gauges "DIGIMATIC" with interchangeable measuring rods
-         Series 527 Gauges vernier, vernier with a hook, a dial indicator depth gauge ABSOLUTE
-         Series 547 ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth Gauge Indicator
-         Series 571 Gauges ABSOLUTE DIGIMATIC
-         Series 7 Indicating the depth gauge with analogue measuring head

  • Hardness testers ;

Hardness Testers - this is a device for determining the hardness of the workpiece material, without its mechanical failure. Hardness is determined by the different scales, the most used hardness scale - Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Shore. Shore and Brinell scale is used in the control of the softer parts, Rockwell scale used for the solid parts, and the Vickers scale is used for the hardest:

-         Hardness 549 Series Micro-Vickers HM-211/221
-      Hardness 810 Series Micro-Vickers HM-101/102/103/112/113, Hardness Vickers AVK-C0, Micro-Vickers HM-112/113/114/115. Hardness Testers Wizhard Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Brinell series HR-500. Hardness testing for micro-watersheds MZT-500. Hardness of the impact HARDMATIC HH-411
-         Series 811 Digital and analog hardness HARDMATIC HH-300
-         Series 963 Hardness Rockwell HR-100/200/300/400

  • The end measures of length ;
  • Stereo and other measuring equipment; 

Stereo microscopes - optical microscopes, which are based on the principle of reflected light from the sample. In stereomikroskopami unlike conventional binocular microscope image at right and left eyepiece a little different, they are derived from different angles with the sample, with the help of two different optical paths formed by the two lenses.Thanks to this stereomicroscope dimensional image of the sample obtained with the possibility to evaluate each sample dimensions (width, height, length). Stereo microscopes and other optical measuring equipment:

-         176 Series Measuring Microscopes models TM-500, MF
-         Series 375 models centering microscopes CF 10, CF 20
-         377 Series Stereo Microscopes MSM-400

  • Digital systems

Digital systems - include measuring linear scale and display units. Linear scales have attachment points that allow them to put on different hardware for direct control of the process of manufacturing parts. All linear scales can be connected to a display unit for control of their statements:

-         Series 174 units display KA, KLD200. Contact sensor
-         Series 539 Linear Scale types AT 102, AT 103, AT 116, AT 112, AT 113, AT 181, AT203, AT211A / B, AT212, AT216T/TL, AT300, AT500, AT715, AT402E, ST24, ST700
-         Series 572 Linear Scales ABSOLUTE Digimatic horizontal and vertical types
-         Series 579 Linear Scale types ST36, ST422. Encoder with the correlation MICSYSSA1 2D images

  • Sensors for linear measurements;

Sensors are used to measure and control linear motion, linear dimensions, or deformation of solids. The sensors are designed for installation in machines, measuring instruments, systems multi-positional measurements and other devices.

-         Series 542 sensors for linear measurements LGF, LGB, SLIM HEAD LGB, SLIM HEAD LGK, LG, LGM, LGF-Z, Laser Hologage LGH / LGB-S. Power indication EG, EB, EV, EH, EC sensors for distance measurement.
-         Series 575 sensors for linear measurements LGD, LGS ABSOLUTE Digimatic

  • Micrometer head;

Micrometer head designed to determine linear displacement with high accuracy. Micrometer heads are used in manual measurement tools, and stationary measuring systems

-         Series 110 Micrometer head with non-rotating spindle and feed unit with a differential screw (sverhmikropodacha)
-         Series 148 Micrometer head of miniature and small size
-         Series 149 Standard type of small size with a hard stem
-         Series 150 Micrometer head standard type of medium-sized
-         Series 151 Standard type of medium size with a diameter of 8 mm spindle.
-         Series 152 Micrometer head with a large drum for the micro
-         Series 153 Micrometer head with non-rotating spindle
-         Series 164 Micrometer head with non-rotating spindle
-         Series 197 Micrometer head with non-rotating spindle and a large drum
-         Series 250 Micrometer head with a mechanical counter
-         303 Series Mounts for micrometer heads
-         Series 350 Micrometer head

  • Devices for measuring the thickness of coatings ;

Thickness Gauge - an electronic device that is used for local measurement of the thickness of the protective, paints and other coatings. Thickness gauge MITUTOYO use two methods of non-destructive measurement of coating thickness: magnetic induction for non-magnetic coatings on magnetic and eddy current grounds for non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic substrates.

-         Series 179 Coating thickness gauges DIGI-DERM 720/740, MINI-DERM

  • Connecting cables DIGIMATIC;

The connection cables are used to connect DIGIMATIC measuring tool has an interface Digimatic. With their help, you can connect additional devices - printers, counters, etc., as well as the connection of the measuring instrument to a PC via a transmitter or a data cable RS-232C.

-         Series 06ADV Cables direct connection tool for USB (Digimatic - USB)
-         Series 905,936,937,959,965,05 CZA, 21EAA Data cables Digimatic
-         Series 011.936 Extension Cable DIGIMATIC

  • Setting rings of steel and ceramics;

The mounting ring is a ring with a precision cylindrical inner surface. The surface is polished and has small tolerances and variability of the diameter of the hole diameter in the longitudinal section. Rings are designed to calibrate the size of the bore gages and other measuring tools:

-         177 Series Mounting Rings

  • Data Transmission DIGIMATIC .

Currently Mitutoyo products can be found in more than 100 countries on all continents except Antarctica. The parent company of Mitutoyo Corporation is located in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. In addition to the 10 manufacturing subsidiaries, the company in Japan has three research and development centers, two metrology research institutes, laboratories, four and eight metrological support service businesses.


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