S + S Regeltechnik

The company S + S Regeltechnik specializes in the production of high-quality sensors and field devices. A wide range of products can meet the challenges of measurement, control and regulation in any fields, such as engineering or building services engineering.

The main direction of S + S Regeltechnik - precision sensors, controllers, relays for ventilation and air-conditioning (heating) of the air in the premises of any class, including clean room and refrigeration equipment. At that products meet all the requirements and standards in the field of control systems - System solutions open architecture and the possibility to configure the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Patented housing series Thor and Odin provide easy installation and maintenance of the equipment, while maintaining a harmonious and holistic image of the equipment.

Sensors and control devices fit perfectly into the concept of system solutions in the field of landscaping and building automation, as they provide work in standalone mode or as part of the complex. In the latter case, the data on the parameters of the facilities is ensured through the use of modern communication - Modbus, WLAN or S-Bus, which allows to use sensors S + S Regeltechnik to meet the challenges of centralized management.

Integrated solutions from S + S Regeltechnik used for general and specialized equipment for banks, airports, hospitals, museums, schools and stadiums.

Energy and water : heating and cooling equipment, plumbing and sanitation, energy management and supplies management.
Public and protected areas : air-conditioning and ventilation, signaling traffic and access control, control of room functions


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