Concern FESTO, founded in 1925 in Germany at the moment is an international leader in the development and supply of electromechanical equipment and pneumatic systems for the automation of production processes in various industries.

Offices FESTO company has more than 186 countries around the world, more than 250 branches and offices of the company engaged in the development and promotion of their products in the global market of industrial automation.

One of the main activities concern FESTO is pnevmatecheskih supply systems and equipment, systems for continuous production processes, supply pneumatic cylinders, valves and positioners, as well as other appliances, fixtures and devices designed for use in industry.

All over the world, in the assembly automation systems, more than 70% of pneumatic cylinders, valves, positioners and other pneumatic devices company FESTO used as base.

Equipment and computer-aided production management are used in all industrial sectors (food production, the production of cars and machinery, mining and processing industry and many other areas of production).

Of the more than 20,000 varieties of products of concern FESTO can distinguish these types of pneumatic devices and equipment:

Servo positioning system - used for compact designs available with mobile loads weighing up to 10 kg, the positioning accuracy - up to 0.2 mm, are used to perform various positioning tasks:

  • Equipment for the production - molding blanks, flexible and manageable, for a given effort.
  • Machinery for packaging - in the transition from the conveyor to the packing unit changes the position.
  • Appliances move materials (push function and sorting).
  • Dispensing equipment for both existing and bulk packaging.
  • Test Equipment (positioning testing equipment).

The drive controllers:

  • CPX-CMAX - position controller for a wide choice of rotary or linear pneumatic actuators.
  • Soft Stop - a system for pneumatic actuators CPX-CMAX - an electronic controller end positions for rotary and linear pneumatic actuators.
  • SPC200 - coordinates of the position controller for electro - and pneumatic actuators.
  • SPC11 - end position controller for pneumatic actuators. 

Drives with encoder:

  • DNCI and DNCM - standard cylinders.
  • DGCI, DGPL, DGPI, DGPIL - linear drives.
  • DSMI - part-turn actuators. 

Displacement Sensors:

  • MLO and MME - displacement sensors.

Pneumatic Actuators:

  • The energy is converted to compressed air energy transfer, the process of distribution and force transmission.

Cylinders with piston rod (core and cylinders with pin):

  • DNCB, DNS, DNG - standard cylinders.
  • ADN / AEN, CDC, Clean Design, ADNP, ADVU / AEVU - compact cylinders.

Cylinders with piston rod (circular cylinders):

  • DSN / ESN, DSNU, ESNU, DSNUP - standard cylinders.
  • DSEU, ESEU - round cylinders.
  • EG - tiny cylinders.

Cylinders with piston rod (stainless steel cylinders):

  • CRDSNU, CRDG, CRDSW, CRHD, CRDNG - stainless steel cylinders.

Cylinders with piston rod (flat and Short-stroke cylinders):

  • ADVC / AEVC - Short-stroke cylinders.
  • DZF, DZH, EZH - flat cylinders.

Cylinders with piston rod (screw or cylinder control valves cartridge):

  • DMM / EMM, Multimount.
  • EGZ - control valves Cartridge cylinders.

Linear actuators for automation of continuous processes:

  • DFPI - linear actuator. 

Rodless cylinders (also available cylinders with large stroke length) associated mechanically with a simple mounting method (as fastening means adapted) for tight, pressurized cylinders magnetically coupled:

  • DGS, DGP / DGPL, SLG, DGO, SLM - linear drives. 

No all-wheel drive cylinders with adjustable angle, compact swivel mounting of small modules, as well as two-piston rotary actuators (modular), for use in environments subject to explosion hazards, in accordance with the ATEX directive:

  • DSL-B, DRQD, DRQD-B, DSR, DRQ - rotary linear actuators.
  • DSM, DSM-B - rotary modules. 

Servo drives for process automation:

  • DFPB - Semi-rotary drive.
  • DAPS - drive with turning on the fourth. 

Rotating modules, fuel-efficient, high-strength:

  • DSM-12 - 63-B - rotary modules.

Multi-position and tandem cylinders:

  • ADVUT, ADNH - cylinder high power.
  • DNCT - tandem cylinders (by connecting two, three or four cylinders, with the same stroke length and diameter, the driving force larger than that of conventional cylinders).
  • ADNM - multi-cylinder (six positions to receive, through the series connection of 2 to 5 cylinders with the same diameter and different lengths of stroke of the cylinder).

The locking cylinders for smooth, low noise and safe shutdown or separation when moving pallets or objects with fixed blanks:

  • DFST (rocker arm), STA / STAF (pin), STA / STAF (roller bearing), STA / STAF (with toggle lever). 

Drives with linear guide for high quality and precise, controlled movements:

  • DGSL, SLT, SLS, SLF - minisupporty.
  • SPZ - linear modules.
  • DFP - drive with a guide.
  • ADNGF, ADVUL - compact cylinders.
  • DFC - Minicylinders with a guide.
  • DFM, DFM-B - the drives with a guide.
  • DPZ - twin cylinder.
  • SLE, HMP, HMPL - linear modules.

Cylinders with a lock option for special use:

  • EV - clamping unit.
  • CLR - lineynopovorotny clip.
  • DNCKE, DNCKE-S - with pneumatic clamping cartridge.
  • DSNU-KP, DNC-KP - cylinders with locking rod (standard). 

Membrane cylinders. Bellow, with a pneumatic actuator and a spring designed for use in heavy duty conditions, excessive dust as well as under water. Hosiery bellows with a large range of length of stroke in relation to height. Fluidic - drive mechanism with a nearly linear relationship "effort - the course" (the principle of human muscle):

  • DMSP / MAS - pneumatic muscles.
  • EB - balloon cylinder.
  • EBS - Stocking bellows. 

Shock absorbers:

  • YSR, YSR-C, YSRW, YSRWJ, DYEF, DYSC, DYSW - shock absorbers.
  • YDR - hydraulic damping cylinder.

FESTO electric drive.


Electromechanical actuators:

  • ELGL-LAS, HME - linear drives.
  • EGSA, DGEA-ZR-KF - Cantilever actuators.
  • EGC, DGE-ZR, DGE-ZR-KF, DGE-ZR-HD, DGE-ZR-RF - Toothed belt.
  • EGSK, EGSP - electric calipers.
  • DNCE - Electric actuators (cylinders).
  • DGE-SP, DGE-SP-KF, DGE-SP-HD - screw drives.
  • DMES-GF, DMES-KF - servo positioning.
  • SLTE - minisupporty.
  • ERMB - rotary drive (drive module with the rotation with any angle up to 360, freely mounted for rotation with a load of 15 kg, and as small with digital software stationary turntable).

Stepper motors and servo drives, with special controllers:

  • MTR-DCI - engines.
  • MTRE-ST, EMMS-ST - stepper motors.
  • EMMS-AS - motors. 

System assembly and movement to fast, using standard manipulators of modular structures, for multi-axis system:

  • 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 - shifter 

Clamps, grippers from electronics manufacturing to reliable (as an example - the three-point grip HGDT) grabs for machine tools:

  • HGPLE, HGPL, HGPC - parallel grippers.
  • HGPT - T - grip.
  • HGPP - precision grip.
  • HGP - a standard grip.
  • HGPM - grippers. 


  • HMP, HMPL - linear modules.
  • HPV - separator blanks.
  • HSP, HSW - shift.

 FESTO vacuum equipment.


Vacuum grippers (different designs, sizes and materials of manufacture of vacuum suckers holder with a large range of vacuum suckers with compensators angle and height, as well as filters.) With different values of performance, working on a "venturi" vacuum generators:

  • OVEM, VN, VAD, VAK, VADM, VADMI, VAD-M, VAD-MI - Vacuum Generators.
  • ESG - suction cup.
  • ESS, ESV - suction cups. 


  • VSVA / VSPA, MFH / JMFH / MN1H / JMN1H / MDH / JMDH, MN2H / JMN2H - standard valves.
  • NVF3, MN1H / MFH / MGTBH / MDH, JMN1H / JMFH / JMDH / VL / J / JD - solenoid operated valves.
  • Distributors for SV - panel.
  • Distributors VHER, with swivel arm. 

Chokes off valves and pressure regulators (classic line manual valves pressure drop):

  • H, HA, HB, HGL - return valves.
  • HE - shut-off valves.
  • W - manually operated valves.
  • QH, QHS - ball valves.
  • SE, SEU - Quick exhaust valves.
  • A series of pressure regulators LR.
  •  Flow control valves Series GR. 

Proportional pressure control valves, with a wide range of selection pressure:

  • VPPM, VPPM-MPA, VPPE, MPPE, MPPES - proportional pressure regulators.

Functional control systems (smart systems commissioning and diagnostics, and control of fast motion sequences). Quality control system and the orientation (the exact positioning of the axes, 2D - quality control, distribution and definition of the angle position of fixed and movable parts, as well as for quality control and the situation of small parts supplied to the machines for the production and zborki, indifikatsiya type):

  • SBOC-M, SBOI-M - a vision system.
  • SBOC-Q, SBOI-Q - compact vision system.

Valve standard (for separate valves with a variety of functions for block mounting). Valve optimized by the method of application (small size, according to the special requirements). Universal valve terminals (rugged design, compact or modular blocks for standard applications):

  • VTIA, Type 16, Type - 44VTSA; type - 04VIMP-/VIFB-04 - collector plate.
  • MH1, CDVI - optimized versions.
  • Type 23 VTUB-12, 45 VTSA-F; 32/33 MPA; VIMP-/VIFB-03, Midi, Maxi; 10 CPV, Compact Performance; 80 CPV-SC, Smart Cubic; type 82 CPA-SC; 24 VTUB; 02 VIMP/IIMP-02, VIFB/IIFB-02 - universal valve terminal.

Sensors (inductive and position sensors, pressure sensors and vacuum sensors, position, optical sensors, flow sensors, signal converters) to ensure a high level of process reliability, maximum safety, the smooth and efficient performance:

  • Proximity sensors for T-slot, C-groove SM, SMx-8-SL, SMxO-8E.
  • SIEN, SIEH, SIEF, SIED, SIEA, SIES, SIES-8M - inductive sensors are resistant to the fields in welding, and corrosion-resistant.
  • SMAT, SMAT-8M - position sensors are used for position sensing cylinders in turn.
  • PEV / VPEV, SDE5, SDE3, SDE1 - the pressure switch.
  • SDET, SPAB - pressure switches
  • Vacuum switches SOPA (inkjet sensor), PEN - vacuum switches.
  • SFAB, SFAM-62, SFE3 - flow sensors; SFET-F / SFET-R - flow transducers are used in the electronics industry (various sizes, including compact).
  • SOEG, SOEG - optoelectronic sensors; SOEC - color sensors; SOE4 - fiber optic module; SOOC - fiber optic cables; SOOF - forked sensors (fiber optic sensors and color for many applications).
  • SVE4 - signal converters. 

Compressed air series MS6, with integrated sensors and transducers bezobasnosti, a combination of air preparation units, filters - regulators, filters, pressure regulators, Lubricators, collectors for air pressure amplifiers, dehumidifiers:

  • SFAM-62 and MS6 - flow sensors.
  • SDE1 with MS6-FRM - vacuum and pressure sensors.
  • MS6-LFM-...-DP - filters.
  • MS6-SV - Quick exhaust valves and a smooth release pressure.
  • Preparation units of different combinations: FRC / FRCS - filter - regulator / lubricator; FRC-K/FRCS-K, LFR-K / LFRS-K - combination units for air; FRC-DB - Service Module; MSB-FRC - filters , Regulators / grease; MSB - a combination of service modules.
  • LFR / LFRS, regulator LFR-DB, Series MS - Filters - Regulators compact design (filter and regulator in one unit).
  • Standard filters LF, LFMB - fine filters, LFMA - microfilter, LFX - activated carbon filters, LFMBA - a combination of filters, MS-LF - standard filters of the MS, MS-LFM - fine filter and a microfilter, MS-LFX - filters Activated charcoal series MS. All of the above filters are designed for automatic or manual condensate drain for different classes of air quality.
  • LR / LRS, LRB / LRBS - pressure regulators and LRB-K/LRBS-K - combined pressure regulators in series, in a metal case; LR-DB - pressure regulators LRB-DB - kombiniroannye pressure regulators, Series D, in the case of polymers; MS-LR, MS12-LR-PO - Pressure Regulators Series MS, MS-LRP / B - precision pressure regulator series MS, MS-...-LRE - electronic pressure regulators series MS.
  •  Proportional Lubricators LOE, Series D and MS-LOE - Lubricators Series MS, with precise dosing oils to improve air quality.
  • HE, HEE, HEP, HEL - supply valve / pressure relief valves and smooth descent series D, valves and MS-EM, MS-EE, MS-DL, MS-DE, MS-SV - series MS.
  • Membrane Air Dryers LDM1, Series D and membrane air dryers MS-LDM1, Series MS - dew point depends on the index rate. Adsorption air dryers with high flow and dew point.
  • Branching modules FRM, Series D and Series FRM MS, as well as collectors branching FRZ, Series D, designed for intermediate output of compressed air systems.
  • Pressure intensifiers DPA designed to increase the pressure at the point of application.
  • WA - steam trap condensate. 

Other pneumatic equipment:

  • VZS, CRVZS - receivers are used for smoothing of compressed air. 

Accessories for pneumatic connections:

  • PUN, PEN, PUN-E, PAN, PAN-R, PUN-CM, PUN-V0, PUN-V0-B, PAN-V0, PUN-H, PLN, PFAN - polymer tubing with standard external diameters.
  • PL, PP, PCN, P, PX - standard hose internal diameter, made from polymers.
  • PUN-S, PUN-SG, PPS - polymeric spiral hoses.
  • Quick Star Push-in fittings for plastic hoses - QSM, mini; QS, standard; QS-B, QS-F, QS-V0, CRQS.
  • Nipelnye fittings - CN, quick release fittings SC, and threaded fittings - NPFB, B / D / E / ESK. 

Compressed air piping:

  • PQ-PA - plastic pipe, PQ-AL - aluminum pipe.
  • Push-in fittings for pipes CQ.

Quick couplings:

  • KD / KS - quick sockets / plugs.
  • KDMS / KDS / KSS - secure connections. 


  • FR - collector and QS - the multiple-collector.
  • PEN / QS-B - a combination of hoses / fittings - rich, for all standard applications up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 60 ВВВВВВВВ° C, resistant to hydrolysis and most types of cleaning products.

Accessories for electrical connection:

  • ISO 15 407-1 - a series of valves (MN2H, JMN2H, JMN2DH, MFH, JMFH, JMFDH, MDH, JMDH, MEBH, JMEBH, JMEBDH).
  • Series Namur - NVF3, MN1H.
  • Series Compact Performance - CPE10-M1BH, CPE14-M1BH, CPE18, CPE24.
  • Series Tiger 2000 - MFH, JMFH, MVH, JMVH.
  • Tiger Classic - Series (MFH, MOFH, JMFH, JMFDH).
  • Series Midi Pneumatic - MEBH, MOEBH, JMEBH, MEH, MOEH, JMEH.
  • MZBH, MOZBH, MEBH, MOEBH, MVH, MOVH, MDH, MODH - distributors with direct solenoid operated.
  • MH2, MH3 - distributors quick action.
  • Series Micro / Mini Pneumatic - MZH, MOZH, JMZH, MYH, MOYH, JMYH.
  • The system M5 Compact - MUFH. 

Types pnevmostrovov:

  • ISO 5599-1, type 04; VDMA, VSVA, type 14 and 16; VTSA, type 44; CPV, type 10; CPA, type 12; MPA, type 32; MIDI / MAXI, type 03; Tiger, type 02; VTUB , type 24; CPV-SC, type 80; CPA-SC, type 82; CDVI, type 15; MH; terminal CPX, type 50, and the system CPI, type 55. 

Universal electric device with a perfect combination with all the products and provided with M8 and M12 connectors (position transducers, encoders, sensors, pressure switches, optical and inductive sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, as well as distributors with a central connector):

  • NEBU-M5 (left socket M5 x 0.5, without connector).
  • NEBU-M8 (left socket M8 x 1, with or without a connector plug right M8 x 1 M12 x 1).
  • NEBU-M12 (left socket M12 x 1, without plug or with plug right M8 x 1 M12 x 1).
  • SIM-M8-... (Left socket M8 x 1, without connector).
  • KM8-... (Left socket M8 x 1, with plug M8 x 1 right).
  • SIM-M12-... (Left socket M12 x 1, without connector).
  • KM12-... (Left socket M12 x 1, with the right plug M12 x 12).

Control Systems and Peripherals:

  • Pneumatic control system for controlling the sequence of steps - FSS, FSSC, the control unit ZSB, counters PZA / PZV, timers PZVT.

For complex control tasks freely Programmable Controllers FEC, embedded controllers, operator panels and visualization software FED:

  • CMXR - Controller robotic systems.
  • CECX - modular controller.
  • FEC Compact, FEC Standard - controllers.
  • CPX-FEC - control units.
  • FED - the operator panel to display text information.
  • FED - operator panel with touch screen monitor.

Peripheral electrical devices:

  • CPI - mounting system.
  • CPX - electrical terminals.
  • 03/04 - Electric peripherals for valve.
  • The direct connection to the Fieldbus - Fieldbus Direct.
  • Interface Components AS. 
All products FESTO Corporation is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. 


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