Endress+Hauser "Endress + Hauser" is a pioneer in the production of advanced manufacturing equipment and instrumentation: meters, level, pressure, and chemical analysis of liquids, temperature and registration systems, inventory and tank storage of petroleum products.

The wide range of instrumentation, consistently high quality, the introduction of new materials and technologies, tools and equipment Endress + Hauser has been successfully used around the world in various fields of industry: oil and gas, energy , food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, mining, when mining minerals and water treatment All products are made in the ordinary performance , and explosion-proof , intrinsically safe or hygienic .

Feature of product management, measurement and automation (equipment), software products for industrial use and ready technological solutions - features a modular design and versatility. This approach allows us to achieve full compliance with the specific requirements of the customer.

Our experts will help you choose the "from scratch" the necessary equipment.


  • Flow measurement Promag electromagnetic flowmeters 

The most cost-effective volume flow of conductive liquids. Ideal for water treatment processes / wastewater, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry (measuring flow of milk, beer, juice).

  • Prosonic ultrasonic flowmeters

Non-contact measurement of the volume flow rate for the process of aggressive liquids, or do not allow interruption.

  • Vortex flowmeters Prowirl

The ideal solution for measuring the volumetric flow rate of gases and vapors and liquids with low viscosity. Easy to use with virtually no time decreases the measurement accuracy.

  • Thermal Mass Flow Meters t-mass

Mass flow measurement of gases suitable for almost any pipe diameter.

  • Level gauging Radar Level Micropilot

A reliable non-contact determination of the level of liquids and solids for a high altitude measurement.

  • Micropulse Level Levelflex

Contact measurement of liquids and solids. Suitable for heavy-duty use with high temperature and pressure. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by vapor, dust, foam and the unstable surface of the medium.

  • Ultrasonic Level Prosonic FMU / FDU

Non-contact level measurement of liquids and solids at low altitude and temperature. Easy to setup and operation.

  • Promass Coriolis flowmeters 

Promass Coriolis flowmeters Versatile and highly accurate means of measuring the mass flow rate of liquids and gases. Also measures the density, viscosity and temperature of the medium. It is used in oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food industry (consumption of sunflower oil, oil, gasoline). 

  • Capacitive Liquicap

The most cost-effective continuous level measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids. interfacial level measurement of liquids of differing conductivity

  • Vibration sensors Liquiphant

Robust and universal definition of the limit level. Used for signaling reaching a predetermined level in the vessel.

  • Pressure Measurement Hydrostatic pressure sensors Deltapilot / Waterpilot

Used for the continuous measurement of gyrostatic pressure liquid and pasty products in open or closed vessels, regardless of foam.

  • Sensors of absolute and gauge pressure

Operational monitoring of limit values and continuously measuring the pressure in the tanks and piping gases, liquids and solids.

  • Fluid analysis Electrodes, fittings and transmitters for the measurement of pH / ORP

The measurement of acidity in water treatment processes. Used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Devices turbidity and concentration of slurry sludge level Quality control of drinking water, service water and wastewater treatment process.

  • Endress + Hauser devices for measuring the temperature

They are used in manufacturing processes of any industry. The range of devices is presented: RTDs, thermocouples, temperature alarms, analog transmitters, thermowell.

  • Registration and display Solutions for the registration and display of parameters allow for easy display, and the collection and storage of information about processes.


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