American Moistening Company, an ISO-9001-2000 certified company, has four divisions; Commercial / Industrial Humidification Control Systems, Water Treatment Systems, Gas Turbine Cooling/Fogging Systems, and the Control Panel Division.
The original AMCO was founded in Providence, RI in 1888 manufacturing conventional air washers utilizing compressed air atomization for the air handling and humidifying needs of the textile industry. The present corporation was formed in 1983.  In 1929, the company relocated to North Carolina to follow the movement of the textile industry to the Southeast. In the early years, AMCO served the textile industry with compressed air atomization of water and conventional air washers.
In the 1970's, AMCO entered into new industries. These markets demanded a more economical means of humidifying process air. In response, American Moistening Company developed its direct spray, high-pressure water system. Since the introduction of its high-pressure system, AMCO has installed thousands of systems in the textile, woodworking, printing, automotive, and industrial HVAC markets.

American Moistening Company has applied its knowledge and technical know-how of high-pressure systems to the gas turbine inlet air cooling market.


Industrial Humidification

AMCO provides extensive engineering, manufacturing, and application knowledge of humidification of industrial plants of any size.  With thousands of high-pressure systems in a variety of industrial applications, AMCO is a world leader in the industry.



  • Humidity control for areas from less than 1000 ft2 to over 1,000,000 ft2
  • Improves Quality Control by controlling humidity levels within В±2%
  • Digital humidistat provides precise control
  • Improves product quality and increases production.
  • Evaporative cooling is provided.
  • Airborne dust is decreased by as much as 60%.
  • Optional water and air filtration is available


Water Treatment Systems

AMCO can supply different components for specific needs in water purification.

We have complete line of water filters and activated carbon filters, ranging from 9" to 63" diameter tanks and different types of filtration medias to meet the requirements for water constituencies' removal.

Our Reverse Osmosis units are the core of our high purity water systems and combined with our Electro Deionization skids we can provide water quality of 16 meg for the power industry.

Call or e-mail us to provide and engineer a solution that will meet your quality and budget needs


Gas Turbine

Inlet Cooling Systems augment the power output of Gas Turbines. AMCO's Direct Spray Inlet Cooling System consists of one or more skid-mounted positive displacement pumps to feed demineralized water at 3,000 psi (207-bar) into a series of seamless stainless steel headers connected to stainless steel nozzle manifolds located downstream of the filter housing.


Engineering Control Panels

American Moistening Company's controls are custom designed for each installation, whether they are Digital Controllers or Computerized Controllers, such as PLC's. Sophisticated and user-friendly PLC's are designed for multi-zone humidification.


Project Management

  • We help get your project off to a good start. We bring valuable experience to each project right from the conceptual stages through completion and start-up. Our engineers have varied backgrounds and bring knowledge and experience in many industrial products and processes.
  • Our engineers have responsibility for the project, including, estimating the job, procuring the material, assembly, software development, and final test.
  • We have built a network of qualified suppliers that can help us select and procure the best components to fit the control strategies designed into your products.
  • We schedule all material receipt and production to maintain an efficient flow of material and work through our manufacturing areas. By effectively scheduling we can meet delivery requirements without unnecessary overtime or delays.
  • Engineering changes are documented and implemented as required. Excess material and scrap are kept as low as possible.
  • Communications are by voice, fax, e-mail, and/or electronically transmitted documents.
  • Transportation can be scheduled as required. AMCO can ship using all of the common carriers or we can schedule shipment using our own vehicles.


Design Engineering

  • Our engineers have varied backgrounds in industrial control and bring this knowledge and expertise to every project.
  • We select the best hardware and components to accomplish the control strategy for each project. This hardware can be packaged in an off the shelf enclosure or we can design an enclosure to meet specific requirements. Our familiarity with manufacturers and equipment options will optimize the selection process and minimize cost and maintenance while maximizing ease of use and performance.
  • We design and develop PLC programming to help maximize the utility of the components selected.
  • We prepare a full documentation package for each project. This package includes the PLC program (if applicable), assembly drawings, wiring schematics and any other applicable documents.



  • We have approximately 10,000 square feet of floor space devoted entirely to the assembly of control panels. We have the space and equipment to set up and handle large or small systems.
  • Our assembly personnel are equipped with the tools to crimp a variety of terminals and to identify each wire.
  • We can run flexible and rigid tubing.


Quality Systems

  • AMCO is a UL listed control panel assembler.
  • In-process checks assist in meeting our demanding quality standards.
  • We have a formal inspection and testing system to insure adherence to design specifications and industry and UL standards.
  • When feasible and when required we functionally test control panels. This testing is in addition to continuity checks and visual inspections.
  • We encourage our customers to witness and participate in functional testing.
  • AMCO is ISO 9001 certified.

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