Brevetti Stendalto

Brevetti Stendalto company was founded in 1976 by Giovanni Mauri, who developed in 1968 the world's first nylon cable chains for the Italian car manufacturer San Rocco.

In the early 60s technology changed and a method for manufacturing products. Magic word was "Automation". In the production of equipment and machinery launched a new concept, which required a new generation of reactive armor cable. Mr. Giovanni Mauri (president and founder of Brevetti Stendalto) to take into account this new need: he developed and began offering nylon cable chains, which have been an alternative to the old style steel rope chains that were too heavy and expensive for the majority of new advanced automation and mechanical engineering. Since then, the cable chains Brevetti Stendalto used to protect cables on all types of equipment worldwide. 

The continuing evolution Brevetti Stendalto bring the following:

  • a wide range of cable chains for all kinds of tasks,
  • international patent for the robot circular chain in 1988,
  • ISO 9001 certification,
  • subsidiaries in France in 1998 and Germany in 1999,
  • new modern facility in Monza (Italy) and the consolidation of the international sales network in all industrialized countries.


Today Brevetti Stendalto predicts his future in two main areas: power chains of major projects and problem-solving power. For large projects, power chains Brevetti Stendalto holds a leading position in the sector with the growth in demand for offshore platforms and equipment for port cranes. To give an idea of how technological advances have been made for such applications where hard to calculate the project for the dynamic power chains, was created by the test stand Brevetti Stendalto, which tests the cable chain with a constant speed of 8 m / s at 130 m track. As for the "nutritional problems", Brevetti Stendalto offers a new concept of power, cable chains are delivering fully finished with cables and connectors. For customers, this means a reduction in assembly and installation, reducing the possible problems that once again express my philosophy Brevetti Stendalto: free project.
Materials research, testing and comparative analysis aimed at continuous improvement of products, in order to determine the best solutions and to respect any automation features for which it is applied. Environmental protection is one of the directions carefully and deliberately pursued policies Brevetti Stendalto, which makes it possible to produce products of fully recyclable materials.

Technical solutions are used in the following engineering fields: steel mills, mining industry, marine and construction industries, ports and terminals.

The technical department is a reliable reference point for information and consultation policies, evaluates and checks each request the support of computer systems and CAD-3D design to provide specific and timely answers. Customer Service is structured so that always and everywhere to help each client.

Brevetti cable chains offers the following series:

LIGHT SERIES - SR200, SR250, SR325LE, SR339
Light series - is extremely smooth cable chains, they are particularly suitable for small automated machines such as printers, measuring devices, where the load on the chain does not exceed a few kilograms per meter.

THE AVERAGE SERIES-SR300, SR305, SR355, SR400, SR435
The average series - is a standard product high capacity (sections) for use at medium load and designed to operate at high speeds and accelerations.

HEAVY SERIES-SR306, SR307, SR308, SR309, SR310
Heavy Series is designed for heavy loads and operate at high feed rates. She has an extensive system of internal dividers to prevent friction between the cables.

Series with the gate is equipped with screens to protect the cables from the effects of external factors.

ROBOT SERIES - SR495, SR500, SR545, SR599
Robot Series - for power and control of machines that perform rotational movements, in particular, the robots.

STEEL SERIES-BS2000, BS3000, BS3500, BS4000, BS4500
Steel Series is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel for use in the greatest loads.


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