The company JUMO - the worldwide leader in instrumentation and automation equipment, located in the city of Fulda (Germany), which was founded by Moritz Kurt Juchheim 1947. Since 1907 the family Juchheim engaged in production of temperature sensors. Prior to 1947 the production was located in Thuringia.

In the domestic market, JUMO has been operating successfully since 1989. JUMO company successfully cooperates with the chemical, food, oil and gas, pulp and paper and other industries. All equipment JUMO meets the highest international standards and has high reliability.

Thanks to a highly developed network of offices JUMO around the world, you can be assured of timely and competent technical support, where only you are!

Philosophy JUMO - development, production of high-quality and high-precision instruments, the most convenient and affordable service to customers.

JUMO company produces the following types of devices:

  • PH meter (including portable), redox reactions and the conductivity
  • Pressure gauges - the usual, diaphragm, remote, contact
  • Sensors, transducers absolute and differential pressure, differential pressure
  • Thermostats and thermostats in the ordinary and special designs
  • Systems for automatic control of production processes, including distributed
  • Controllers
  • Fluid sensors
  • Gas filled thermometers and bimetallic
  • Temperature sensors: thermocouples and resistance thermometers
  • Indicators and indicating instruments
  • Signal converters for sensor temperature
  • Paper and electronic data recorders, recorders processes
  • Measuring moisture


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