SMC Founded in 1959 as a manufacturer of industrial filters, the Japanese company SMC Corporation for a short period of time managed to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of pneumatic equipment for the automation of industrial processes.


Components for pneumatic systems, manufacturing SMC Corporation, are of high quality and reliability in operation, and are widely used in almost all areas of the industry.


Over 61% of the domestic and more than one-third of the world market is the equipment produced at the company's plants. In Japan, located 17 factories and 64 offices, more than 93 companies are engaged in communicating distribution channel SMC Corporation of products on world markets.


The company also has its own research center to develop new technologies in the field of industrial automation. The center is located in the city of Tsukuba and employs a staff of over one thousand leading designers and engineers.


Company SMC Corporation has a place in the top three world leaders in prizvodstvo pneumatic equipment for process automation in the industry.


The company can also be proud of its stability and the prospect of a confirmation innovative rated company (49 items) according to the magazine Forbes (quotation of the company, the investment growth forecast and multiply profits more than $ 10 billion market capitalization and part kapatalizatsii going on the academic and research programs, etc . etc.).


We present to your attention the production of SMC Corporation (Japan).


Equipment for the preparation of compressed air:


  • Preparation of compressed air (backbone) - Water coolers and air-type refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, odor absorbers, Lubricators, air filters, and more.
  • Modular mounting system for the preparation magistaralnogo air - pressure regulators, air dryers (membrane), filter / regulators, oil sprayers, pressure regulators (precision), electro-pneumatic converters ITV etc.
  • Amplifiers and pressure regulators.
  • Pneumatic silencers.
  • Safety valves and accessories for the condensate.
  • A variety of accessories for instruments for air preparation - the standard gauges, pressure gauges with built-in pressure switch, differential pressure gauges, pressure switches with digital display (built-in), VMG - air pistols and more.


Pneumatic valves:


  • Electric controlled valves.
  • Pneumatic valves by an explosion proof.
  • Pneumatic control valves.
  • Valves with mechanical or manual control.
  • Blocks pneumatic valves having a serial interface.




  • Controlled valves with external pilot air.
  • Electric controlled and specialized valves, with direct electric control.
  • Valves for the chemical and varnish - a colorful industry.
  • Industrial filters for fluids.
  • Valves under pressure is not more than 5 MPa.


Pneumatic throttles and check valves:


  • Operated check valves.
  • Chokes with quick coupler and the check valve.


Valves smooth speed control:


  • Quick exhaust valves and check valves.
  • Valves braking.
  • Bilateral air chokes.
  • Air chokes with thread and check valve.
  • Air silencers.


Pneumatic cylinders and actuators:


  • The cylinders in various versions (standard, mini, special purpose, without the stem, etc.).
  • Rotary actuators and pnevmokaretki.
  • Pneumatic holder having parallel or angular opening.
  • Clamping actuators, pneumatic holder and electric ..
  • Depreciation system.

Various accessories for threaded pipe connections and - connections for pure materials, quick, and universal swivel threaded connections with union nut, adapters and plugs, connection resistant to chemicals, tubes, accessories, tools, and more.


The monitoring, measurement and diagnostics:


  • Sensors and relays flow / pressure.
  • Apparatus for positioning mechanisms of enforcement.
  • Elements of the neutralization of static electricity.
  • Temperature control system.
  • Pneumatic logic.


Equipment for vacuum:


  • Ejectors (vacuum generators).
  • Angle valves, made of aluminum or stainless steel, high vacuum.
  • Drives for vacuum chambers.
  • Vacuum filters, water separators, vacuum regulators and control devices.
  • Vacuum system.


Lubrication system and airflow:


  • Of technological devices for lubrication and blowing.
  • Lube feed in liquid form.
  • Spraying and feed lubricated.
  • All kinds of filters and pumps.


Hydraulic equipment and devices:


  • Converters hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Hydraulic cylinders.
  • Filters in various versions.
  • Oil cooling system, etc.


All equipment and devices of SMC Corporation are highly reliable and tvechayut with global standards of quality and safety, all equipment is certified.


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