Diversified technology and manufacturing company Honeywell International is a list of the top 100 global companies, compiled by the magazine Fortune. The Corporation provides services throughout the world in areas such as aerospace engineering, technology, management of the administrative, industrial and residential buildings, automotive products, turbochargers and specialty materials. The main office is located in Honeywell, Morris Township, NJ, USA.

Honeywell technology is scalable, comprehensive, integrated and secure. With the best technology and support of the product life cycle top priority Honeywell - is the delivery of solutions that help clients to improve business performance. Top technology transform resources into results. Honeywell for more than 35 years ago, presented the best-in-class technology and continues to innovate. Honeywell patented transmission signal 4-20 mA, created the first distributed control system (TDC2000®), built the first intelligent transmitter (Smartline®), launched the first hybrid control system (PlantScape®), and introduced the first system of process knowledge in the world (Experion® PKS). All that Honeywell invents in the field of industrial automation, adapted to create real results for our customers.

Pressure Sensors Honeywell

Pressure - one of the main parameters of the process, the most important technical value. Pressure sensors are used for measuring the pressure and converting this value to a standardized signal. , Honeywell offers a range of pressure transmitters for various industrial applications.

Temperature Sensors Honeywell

The product range of Honeywell is a lot of temperature sensors, as well as primary thermal elements. The advantage of Honeywell in measurements of temperature is in excellent accuracy of the reliability and stability of measurements.

The remote indicators Honeywell

Function RMA300 remote indicator is displayed in the output value and status transducers as production Honeywell, and sensor output signals of other manufacturers. RMA300 consists of a display unit built in an explosion-proof housing made of aluminum.

Honeywell Level

Level gauges are designed for level measurement of solids, liquid and pasty products in closed and open container. Honeywell products is the leader among similar devices measure the level due to the continuous improvement of produced types of transmitters. These products are designed for use in harsh industrial environments: high temperature and pressure, low density and weak dielectric constants. Existing methods of measurement can achieve high accuracy and independence of the composition and the type of medium.

Flowmeters Honeywell

Flow meters are devices for determining the flow of suspensions, pastes, liquids, gases or vapor. Honeywell flow meters are of high quality and diverse means of measurement can be used in all areas of the industry for the current control flow and process control systems.

Honeywell recorders

Currently, the company produces high-quality Honeywell paper and electronic recorders that meet all the necessary requirements for the monitoring of the process.

Controllers / Indicators and switches Honeywell

All indicators, switches or controllers Honeywell are the best in the industry in terms of price to the technical qualities. In a large range of devices you can always find a device you with the necessary functionality.

Controller HC900 Honeywell

HC900 Hybrid Controller for Honeywell is an advanced controller that produces a logical and loop control with a modular design, allowing to provide the requirements for data collection and management for a wide range of process equipment.

Analytical Instruments Honeywell

The range of devices for the analysis of Honeywell includes primary and secondary transducers sensors in the following areas: Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH / ORP, thermal conductivity gas analyzer. All devices meet the necessary requirements and standards for use in industrial production.

Humidity Sensors Honeywell

Humidity Sensors - 4111, 4112, 4114, 4129

Wireless Sensors Honeywell

OneWireless - a single solution represents a multi-functional secure wireless network to collect and transfer data for all applications. Some features: Sampling of field instruments - from 1 sec. The number of wireless sensors on the same network - up to 30,000 pieces. The integration of wireless equipment XYR5000 family as a separate subnet. Wireless Sensors Honeywell series XYR5000 and XYR6000 - this is:

  • Easy to install - Does not require cabling 
  • Ease of movement - Ability to conduct measurements on moving objects 
  • Easy to add and change the point - Convenience for time dimensions 
  • Easy to maintain - Battery Life more recalibration interval sensor


Actuators Honeywell HercuLine
The actuators are manufactured by Honeywell Herculine order to achieve high reliability, positioning accuracy and reduce the cost of maintenance.


Honeywell product catalog 2013



Gorter Controls is a leading specialist in the field of advanced gas controls and its core competence is in the field of installations and components for gas distribution.


RMG by Honeywell has an enviable reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of Gas Control, Measurement and Analysing Equipment. This has been achieved by combining over 150 years experience and expertise leading to an unmatched knowledge in the Gas Industry.