Sick The German company Sick is a leading European developer and manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor systems for the automation of production processes. Automation of production and logistics processes covering products such as automation and protection, as well as the automatic identification. 
Product quality control, effective management of the production and transport - the most important tasks that are successfully solved by the use of non-contact sensors Sick, Sick angle encoders and meters distance. To avoid making the work-related injuries when working with production equipment, comprehensive safety systems and software that are used for the prevention of accidents at work. Automatic recognition of two-dimensional bar code, the definition of the height, shape and volume with configurable laser measuring systems are the third priority for the company in the segment of computer-aided manufacturing

  • Sick Optic Sensors are used to monitor the position of the objects and the distance to them, as well as define the contrast and color label.
  • Photoelectric sensors are used for various industrial automation, they are combined into one housing the transmitter and receiver and does not require special markers to measure the distance to the subject. The measuring principle is based on the measurement of the beam path from the object to the receiver. Scanning range and response times may be adjusted by adjusting the sensitivity.
  • Photoelectric sensors c foreground suppression identify objects that appear between the sensor and the scanning plane.
  • Photoelectric sensors with background suppression identify objects at a given distance. All facilities located outside of the designated area does not interfere with the test.
  • Photoelectric sensors with a reflector are combined transmitter and receiver in a single housing. To eliminate reflections from other objects are provided the polarizing filters.
  • Sensors contrast marks are used for determining the contrast markers, such as bar codes that are widely used to automate a variety of industrial processes. The contrast between the bands and the background is a major factor for the bar code readability.
  • Sensors fluorescent labels are used for determinations of objects containing ultraviolet invisible fluorescent label that can not be detected with the naked eye
  • Sensors determine the color
  • Sensors determine the distance

Sick Inductive sensors for industrial automation SICK metal objects define and distinguish them by shape and size. The design of the sensor integrated LC-oscillator, the signal processing circuit and a switching amplifier. Generator coil generates high frequency electromagnetic field at the sensitive surface of the sensor. When approaching a metal object there is formed an eddy current, and the voltage drops reduces the frequency of the oscillator. Signal processing circuit converts this information into an electrical signal.


Sick Inductive sensors are characterized by high operating frequency, high-current workers. Structurally, the sensors vary in how they are connected: DC two-wire, DC three-wire, AC / DC two-wire, AC two-wire, and with NAMUR-output.


Ultrasonic sensors Sick. Almost no material exists that can not be detected by ultrasonic sensors. Therefore, intelligent ultrasonic meters - ideal for solving problems of automation of technological processes and determining the position and distance of the object in various industrial fields. An additional advantage - resistance to any type of pollution. Depending on the application, sensors are available with digital and analog outputs.


Capacitive sensors SickCapacitive sensors are used to measure angular displacements are very small linear displacement, vibration, speed, etc., as well as to produce the desired functions (harmonic, sawtooth, square, etc.), sensors detect the approach and the presence of objects are therefore ideal for monitoring the fill level volume of liquid or powdered materials as well as for monitoring contents of the package. The sensors have a wide operating temperature range and long sensing distance. The sensors are resistant to the effects of electromagnetic fields and the protection class IP 67 for harsh operating conditions. The sensors are made in cylindrical and rectangular housings and are designed for panel mounting or flush mounting.


Magnetic sensors Sick. This series of sensors for automation of production processes include a wide area of operation and the possibility of determining even small objects. Meter to determine the permanent magnet that is used as a label. Since magnetic field is passed, many non-magnetic materials, performance measurement can be carried out even if the location of the sensor and the object of other magnetic materials. Furthermore, the use of magnetic conductors (e.g., iron) extends the action of a magnetic field, and a signal may pass, even at high ambient temperatures.


Sick distance sensors Sick dust measuring devices
Sick encoders Sick level sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors
Sick magnetic cylinder sensors
Sensors Sick Sensors Sick

The development of increasingly sophisticated smart sensors and sensor systems for industrial automation and process is the main focus of SICK AG firm.